Wealthy Way Oil for Wealth, Abundance, Luck & Money

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Wealthy Way Oil was designed to ensure financial success for all who use it.  Fantastic for use in rituals and spells geared toward financial well-being and business success. It's an ideal oil to use with other Conjure Oils such as Crown of Success, Money Drawing, Van Van, or Life of Luxury Oil. However, don't underestimate its power, Wealthy Way Oil can certainly be used alone. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.  

What does Wealthy Way Oil do:

  • Ensures financial security, success, and financial well-being.
  • Helps promote success in business, boost profits, and gain clients.
  • Enhances other Conjure Oils such as Van Van, Life of Luxury, Money Drawing, or King Midas.
  • Draws wealth, fortune, and prosperity to your life.

What are the ingredients in Wealthy Way Oil:

Wealthy Way Oil is made with vetivert, vanilla, patchouli, clove, comfrey, and a few other wealth-related herbs, resins and oils.


How to use Wealthy Way Oil:

Wealthy Way Oil can be dabbed on your body or placed in your bath. Use it to anoint important business papers, loans, or bank statements. Place a bit of oil on your money and keep it in your wallet. Get some loose change and anoint it with some Wealthy Way Oil and keep it by your front door or in your cash register. Remember to anoint your hands while handling money or invoices. If you can find cedar leaves or branches, anoint them with some Wealthy Way Oil and place them by your front door. If you have a place of business, take some Wealthy Way Oil and rub down your front door.


How to use Wealthy Way Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

Anoint a green candle with a bit of Wealthy Way Oil, pulling the oil up the candle towards the wick. Place it in an appropriate candle holder and put the candle holder on top of some cash that you have also anointed with a bit of Wealthy Way Oil. Do this every Thursday evening as an ongoing ritual - using a votive candle weekly in this ritual works great. Anoint your votive with some Wealthy Way Oil each week, by running it around the wick in a clockwise direction. You can even perform this ritual at your business during the morning hours; just make sure you keep an eye on the candle.

To make a sachet, combine ground cinnamon, dried jasmine flowers, and cloves and place them in a 2x2 piece of green fabric. Fold the corners together and tie them with either white or green thread. Anoint this sachet with some Wealthy Way Oil. You can keep this at your place of business or simply keep it in your wallet. Remember to anoint it or “feed it” with a few drops of Wealthy Way Oil every Thursday.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. A skin test is recommended prior to wearing, as this oil contains cinnamon which can be a skin irritant.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. 


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Tyron Hamilton

Amazing!! Thank you!

Joan Requena

I'm using it, waiting for results.

Whitney Money

Wealthy Way Oil for Wealth, Abundance, Luck & Money

Benza Contreras

I love it and wealthy way smell so good. Works quickly!! Must have! I Wish they had bigger size bottles. Lol