Money Drawing Holiday Gift Set With Oil, Candle & Bath Salts - Art of the Root
Money Drawing Holiday Gift Set With Oil, Candle & Bath Salts - Art of the Root
Money Drawing Holiday Gift Set With Oil, Candle & Bath Salts - Art of the Root
Money Drawing Holiday Gift Set With Oil, Candle & Bath Salts - Art of the Root
Money Drawing Holiday Gift Set With Oil, Candle & Bath Salts - Art of the Root

Money Drawing Holiday Gift Set With Oil, Candle & Bath Salts

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Our Money Drawing Holiday Set includes everything needed to perform a prosperous money ritual. Get one for yourself and make a promise to become financially comfortable and start the new year without worrying about your finances. Get one for a gift and be everyone’s favorite secret Santa when you arrive at the festivities with this beautifully wrapped set.  

The set comes with instructions printed on parchment paper, a 4 oz. candle (in a tin - perfect for travel), a wonderfully fragrant and beautiful 4 oz. bath salt, and a ½ oz of our very popular Money Drawing Oil (one of our favorites).   Start being financially responsible now!    

What Does Our Money Drawing Holiday Set Do? 

  • Helps to attract wealth and abundance. 
  • Incentivizes you to become more financially conscientious. 
  • Creates business and financial opportunities. 
  • Enhances business success. 

What are the Ingredients in the Holiday Set for Money? 

Each Holiday Set has a 4 oz. soy travel candle topped with money drawing botanicals, a 4 oz. bath salt with mineral rich dead sea salt combined with money related fragrance and flowers, and a ½ bottle of our cherished Money Drawing conjure oil.  All three products are beautifully fragrant & packed with botanicals like bayberry, cinnamon, chamomile, alfalfa, vetiver & other money drawing herbs, oils, and resins.  The products arrive beautifully packaged with instructions ... indulge without wreaking havoc on your finances! 

How to use the Money Drawing Holiday Set: 

To perform the money ritual, begin by running water for a relaxing bath, add the Money Drawing Bath Salts, get in and relax.  While soaking, you will cleanse your body, and mind.  Let the soothing water take you to a place where you are relaxed knowing that you are abundant and prosperous. Release past disappointing money-related experiences and all negative thoughts surrounding your finances. If there is no bathtub, create a ritual wash. For a wash, in a larger bowl, mix the bath salts with warm water. The salts and warm water combine to create aromatic money drawing water.  Take this mixture and begin by pouring the water over your feet. Then, work the water up; towards the top of your head. Remember, when drawing desirable intentions “into” your life, the wash starts at your feet, and pulled up. Hence, the intention is “drawn into” your body. As with the bath, the wash is meant to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. When you are finished with your bath or wash, allow yourself to comfortably air dry.    

When completely dry, wrap yourself in something comfortable (like a robe or your favorite pajamas), go to your altar or desk, and write your petition.  Ideally the petition is written on parchment paper – use the backside of the instructions if you like. In the petition express your desire for financial well-being; believe that you are financially secure as you are writing.  Once the petition is complete, dab a few drops of conjure oil in each of the 4 corners of the petition. Then fold the paper in half. Fold the paper towards you, then turn it 90 degrees clockwise and fold it in half again (toward your body). Again, rotate the paper 90 degrees clockwise and fold the paper a third and final time. When you are seeking to bring things into your life, all folds are done towards your body, as if you are pulling what you want into your soul.  

Take the neatly folded petition and place it on a candle safe surface and put the candle on top of the petition.  Dress the candle with a drop or two of the conjure oil, focus on your desire as if it exists in the world, and light the candle.  

Although small, this candle burns for more than 20 hours.  For safety reasons do not let the candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time.  To extinguish the flame, use a candle dowser or the candle’s metal lid to smother the flame.  A witch never “blows away” intentions by “blowing out” the candle.  Sold as a curio 

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candles within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire. 

All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. For external use only. Do not use if pregnant. 

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Suzanne Daise
My thoughts!

Since I have been burning my candle things have falling in line. My billing cycle changed the apartment building I live in has new owners, and I was concerned about how this would effect the way I have been doing things. So far so good and things just seem and feel better. Thanks can’t wait to cash my cart I love it.


This is my favorite shop for candles and oils.

Jessica Coleman
My products are amazing



Received the holiday gift set and as always the oils smell wonderful , the bath salts smells nice.

Martha Mena M
I loved

I have made some purchases and I love the products