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Money Drawing Bath Salts

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Our Money Drawing Bath Salts are ideal for those who are seeking more financial abundance and security. They're perfect for any type of money-drawing ritual that is aimed at producing more wealth, prosperity, financial success, or business in general. Use them in rituals regarding debt, loans, or even raises and promotions. It’s a particularly great blend for anyone who simply needs more cash in their pockets. Made with all-natural products, it comes in a 8 oz container.


What do Money Drawing Bath Salts do:

  • Strengthen financial well-being and security.
  • Draw success in business and money-related endeavors.
  • Create opportunities for becoming more profitable.
  • Aid in decreasing debt and with financial issues.
  • Help put more money in your pocket or bank account.


What are the ingredients in Money Drawing Bath Salts:

Money Drawing Bath Salts are made with chamomile, alfalfa, cinnamon, allspice, and a few other potent money-drawing herbs, oils, and resins. We blend in Dead Sea salt with just a hint of Kosher salt. Kosher salt has been used in many Hoodoo rituals, as it is believed to have purifying effects. If there are any blocks or obstacles that are preventing you from receiving more money, Kosher salt can certainly help clear the path.


How to use Money Drawing Bath Salts:

Money Drawing Bath Salts can simply be used as an overall bath soak or they can be used in a spiritual bath ritual. You may also throw a bit in the washing machine or put some in a bucket of warm water to use as a floor wash. Floor washes are often recommended for the office or business environment. When performing a wash, always start at the back of the home and work your way towards the front, working from the top floor to the bottom. You also want to be mindful that as you wash, you draw the strokes towards you as if you are literally drawing money towards you. Feel free to even wash the front door down as well as the sidewalks.


How to use Money Drawing Bath Salts in a Spell or Ritual:

Should you wish to perform a ritual bath, get two green candles and place them at each end of the tub. Mix the Money Drawing Bath Salts into a bucket of warm water. Light the candles, step into the bath and begin to pour the water over your feet and work your way up to the top of your head. Then, recite psalm 23, repeating this 3 times. Allow yourself to air dry. When you are finished, take any remaining water and leave it at a crossroad.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Chase Butler

I just wanna say THANK YOU ! Bad spirits wasn’t trying to allow me to receive my package but I’m happy I fought for it ! TO B ABLE TO FEEL LIKE I CANNN ! And I AM ! AGAIN IS AMAZING! Thank you again 😊

San San
Great products

Have been purchasing from this company for some time . All of the products work exactly as they say. Smell good!