Magical Arts Oil for Spells, Rituals and Magick Rites

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Our Magical Arts Oil was designed to help increase the potency and efficacy of any spell. rite or ritual. We also find it particularly useful to use when one wishes to establish a connection with their favorite saint or deity. Magical Arts Oil is commonly used during rituals or spells that delve into the magical realm where one wishes to increase their power during their magical undertakings. Whether it be conjuring a spirit or simply tapping into the mystical nature of things, our Magical Arts Oil has all the right ingredients. Made with Ditanny of Crete, Cypress, Bay, Frankincense, Angelica Root, Dragon’s Blood, Nutmeg and a few other potent herbs and oils, it comes in s ½ oz bottle.

Magical Arts Oil is great to combine with other conjure oils to boost their efficacy.  It is also great to use on it’s own. Dab some on your wrists and third eye, put a few drops in the bath, or anoint some your favorite divination tools.

If you wish to attempt to commune with your favorite deity or spirit, place a few drops in a bowl of water. Get an image of the deity or saint you wish to work with. Anoint it with a dab of oil. Then, anoint some Magical Arts Oil on a white candle, drawing the oil up the candle towards the wick. Place the candle next to the bowl of water.  Say a prayer and light the candle. For this particular ritual, I recommend burning some incense. Sage works great. Anything containing Angelica, Mugwort, Tobacco or Dandelion Root is also wonderful to work with.  If you simply desire to work with Magical Arts Oil on its own, simply pour a few drops on a burning charcoal disc. Fire magic, such as burning incense, is known to aid in magical energy.

Magical Arts Oil is also fantastic oil to use with your magical tools. Simply anoint a few drops on your favorite magical items. You may also create a powerful magic circle by dabbing some oil on your finger. Then, use your finger to outline your circle. You could even mix some oil in your favorite powders and herbal sachets.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Not intended for children.