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Luck 3 Oil SET for Success, Manifestation of Goals & Good Luck

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  • Handmade daily in the USA

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Our Luck 3 Oil Set contains three ½ oz. bottles of our most treasured oils at a fabulous price! Start with Crown of Success Oil to bring overall success in life, eliminate barriers, and open new doors. Then move on to Fast Luck Oil to expedite the manifestation of your intentions. Last but not least is Shi Shi Oil, which is truly a magical blend and can turn bad luck into good luck! Use it when faced with employment, financial or legal issues. These Oils work well together whether mixed or used separately.  Have fun and get Lucky!  

What does our Luck 3 Oil Set do:

  • Expedite favorable results for finance, prosperity, fortune, romance, and luck rituals.
  • Remove blocks and barriers to success.
  • Get you out of unwanted or tricky/uncomfortable situations.
  • Turn bad luck into good!


What are the ingredients in our Luck Oil Set:

Our Crown of Success Oil includes bay, orange, High John root, vetiver, and a number of other success-related herbs, oils, and resins.

Fast Luck Oil contains a combination of vanilla, rose, patchouli, cinnamon, a bit of wintergreen, juniper, and a handful of other oils and herbs associated with good fortune and luck.

Shi Shi Oil includes cloves, peppermint, gravel root, angelica, and a few other luck-related herbs and oils.




Sold as a curio. For external use only.  All Art of the Root Products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Don’t think just purchase

I am always surrounded by abundance and favor non stop! My job is thriving, I am thriving, the people around me are thriving! It’s all about your mindset! I feel my blessings aligned with the anointing of the oils!

Nalu girl
Beautifully made spiritual oils 💫

As soon as I opened the package, I could feel the energy of these oils. First of all, they smell amazing. I’ve been anointing myself and performed a candle ritual with the Wealthy Way oil. What I asked for came to fruition the next day 😳 I honestly wasn’t expecting for it to work that fast 😂 Shame on me for being doubtful. These oils are clearly extremely potent and straight up magical 💫 I can’t wait to continue using them and see my manifestations come to life. I will forever be a customer and will spread the word to anyone who wants to try adding intention oils to their craft. The only drawback is that now I have to buy every oil they have🤣 Good thing they work, because I feel that wealth pouring in 🫶🏽 Thank you Art of the Root for blessing us with such incredible oils that are not only affordable, but an oil that performs exactly the way you said it would 🕯️💫💯🖤


Excellent product and service highly recommend!

LaTonya Bean

Luck 3 Oil SET for Success, Manifestation of Goals & Good Luck

Jenovah Watkins

Luck 3 Oil SET for Success, Manifestation of Goals & Good Luck