Love Candle Spell Set For Love, Attraction, Commitment & Seduction

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Our Love Candle Spell Set is perfect for all of your love intentions, goals and desires. Our Love Candle Spell Set features three of our most popular love drawing candles: Love & Attraction, Come to Me, and Follow Me Boy. Made with all-natural soy wax, dried herbs and an array of essential oils, each candle targets love in a different way. The Love & Attraction Candle is great for attracting a new relationship or obtaining a deeper commitment in your current one. Our Come to Me Candle is perfect for drawing in a specific person whom you wish to pursue you, and our Follow Me Boy Candle hooks them in and keeps their eyes only on you. Each candle comes in an 8.5 oz glass jar. 

There are a number of ways you can perform a love drawing ritual. One of our favorite ways is to simply use all the candles at the same time. To perform this ritual, you will need two pink tea lights and some parchment paper. Write your name and your love interest’s name down on the piece of parchment paper three times. Underneath this write your goals or intentions. Fold the paper towards you making sure the crease is away from your body. Then turn the paper 90 degrees and fold it toward you again. Lay the paper down and get it as flat as you can. Next, get a small plate and place it on top of your petition. Get your two pink tea lights and place them in the center of the plate. Although it’s not necessary, you can place other items on the plate, such as sprinkled cinnamon, brown sugar, coriander, sliced apples, dried cilantro, fresh strawberries or rosebuds. You can also add some love-drawing crystals such as Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline. Just make sure nothing on the plate presents a fire hazard. Get your Love Candles and place them around the plate. When ready, light the two tea lights and state your intentions. Then repeat, as you light the remaining three candles. When this is complete, say a prayer or recite the Song of Songs from the Bible.

Sold as a Curio.  Handmade by Art of the Root in the USA.