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Love & Attraction Incense

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Looking for a new relationship? Want to deepen the bond with your current partner? Love & Attraction Incense is the perfect solution for drawing in new romantic partners or intensifying the intimacy in your current relationship. Derived from conventional conjure/hoodoo recipes, Love & Attraction Incense can be adaptable to all kinds of love-attracting spells, divinations, and rituals. It comes in a 1.25 oz. sealed bag.

What does Love & Attraction Incense do:

  • Draw in a new romantic interest.
  • Deepen the commitment between two romantic partners.
  • Encourage engagement and marriage proposals.
  • Intensify the romantic energy between two people.


What are the ingredients in Love & Attraction Incense:

This particular blend is loaded with love-drawing herbs, oils, and resins, and includes rose, damiana, cherry bark, passionflower, lavender, and a number of other power herbs.


How to use Love & Attraction Incense:

Our Love & Attraction Incense is both powerful and versatile. Sprinkle some on your altar, burn while taking a bath during a new moon, or burn it during manifestations and while visualizing your ideal relationship. You may also burn some by your front door in order to draw in new love. If you have a mojo bag, place a bit of Love & Attraction Incense in it to help boost its power. If you are seeking new love, burn some in your bedroom or by a photograph of someone you may be interested in. You can even put some in your lingerie drawer. Put some in the heel of your shoe when going to social functions or when on a date. Steep some in hot water and use it as a floor wash, being sure to wash from your front door to the back of your home. Be sure to wash toward yourself in order to draw love to you!


How to burn Love & Attraction Incense:

Love & Attraction Incense is meant to be burned on charcoal. It is not self-igniting. You will need charcoal discs and a fire-safe container to use, as the charcoal gets very hot! You light your charcoal, set it in the fire-safe container using tongs, and allow it to burn a few minutes until the top turns a greyish color. Only then will it be hot enough to burn your incense. When the charcoal is ready, sprinkle some of the incense on top of it, making sure not to add so much that it suffocates or smothers the charcoal.  




Sold as a curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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