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Love & Attraction 3 OIL SET for Commitment & Romance

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The Love & Attraction 3 Oil Set features 3 of our most cherished love drawing oils at a fabulous price! It's perfect for all of your love-related desires. Attract a new relationship or deepen the bond with your partner with Love & Attraction Oil. Use Irresistible Me Oil to have an enchanting effect on a love interest and create a playful, enchanting, and alluring energy. Finally, Come to Me Oil is an extremely powerful drawing oil, perfect for bringing the object of your desire into your life. These oils work well together whether mixed, or used separately. Have fun and find Love! Each oil comes in a ½ oz glass bottle. 

What does our Love & Attraction 3 Oil Set do?

  • Encourage engagements and marriage proposals.
  • Draw in a new love interest and deepen the commitment with a current partner.
  • Make you irresistible to the person you target.
  • Promote fidelity and honesty in a relationship.
  • Add romance to your life. 

What are the Ingredients in our Love & Attraction Oil 3 Set?

Love & Attraction Oil is loaded with love-drawing herbs, oils, and resins and includes rose, damiana, cherry bark, passionflower, lavender, and a number of other power herbs.

Irresistible Me Oil is made with dill, elecampane, catnip, linden blossoms, and an array of other herbs and essential oils.

Come To Me Oil is made with ginger, root of Queen Elizabeth, catnip, jasmine, honeysuckle, and several other attraction/romance herbs and oils.


 Sold as a curio.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Results

My order came on time. I experienced great customer care. They responded to me swiftly. Now let's talk about how these oils worked for me. The first day I put it on, my exes were checking up on me and a guy walked into my work place to ask me out. That whole week was interesting. There were men messaging my number, my insta, and fb out of nowhere. My thoughts is, put your intentions out there. Make it plain and precise. Let the universe know what you want. Use the oils, and forget it... that's when the magic happens ✨️😎



Nakia Jones

I love them

Works like a charm!!

When I tell u these oils works…IT WORKS!!! When I first started using the love and attraction oil set I made sure I strongly believed in what I set out for the universe to do.

Marie Antionette
Love Em' All

You can't review something like this. You're satisfied or not. I'm satisfied.