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Lady of the House Oil for Respect & Admiration

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Our Lady of The House Oil was designed for those who desire a relationship based on respect, loyalty, and faithfulness. And while we're at it, how about some genuine admiration, consideration, and courtesy! This blend helps put the woman in charge and aids in issues related to commitment, fidelity, and the longevity of relationships. If you feel as though your partner is focusing too much attention on others, this oil can get his eyes back on you. However, this oil is not just for those who are in a serious relationship; it can be used by those who are seeking love by drawing in the right kind of partner! Mix it with some Love & Attraction or Follow Me Boy Oil for a powerful love drawing blend. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does Lady of the House Oil do:

  • Promote relationships based on respect, admiration, commitment, and loyalty.
  • Keep your partner from straying or looking at others in a romantic way.
  • Draw in a partner who will treat you with courtesy, consideration, and be faithful.
  • Put the wearer in charge!


What are the ingredients in Lady of the House Oil:

Made with woodruff, gentian, chickweed, bay, rosemary, neroli and many other potent herbs and oils.


How to use Lady of the House Oil:

Our Lady of The House Oil can be worn on the body, added to the bath, dabbed on jewelry, charms, or talismans or anointed on a nation sack or mojo bag. Rub a bit on your mortgage papers or rental agreements. Dab some on your marriage certificate or photographs. Dab a bit into the heel of your shoes. Anoint some on a yellow piece of fabric and place it underneath your mattress. If you get a chance, mix a bit into some massage oil and rub down your partner. Or, you may dab a bit on your partner's personal items; just be aware that this is an oil and will stain. You may also rub some on your front door. You can also simply put a few drops in a bowl of water and keep it under your bed. You can even mix some with some Epsom salt and perform a spiritual bath.


How to use Lady of the House Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

For a candle divination, I recommend getting two pink candles. Carve your name into one and your partner's name into the other. Anoint the candles with some Oil, drawing it up from the base toward the wick. Get a red string and tie three knots into it. With each knot, say one of the following: “with respect,” “with loyalty,” and “with faithfulness.” Gently tie the string around both candles so they are touching. When you are ready, light the candles and recite Psalm 23. When the candles have finished burning, take the remains and bury them in your backyard or near your front door.


Another simple technique is to get either two apples or two potatoes. Cut them both in half. Take one half of each and carve your name into one and your partner's name into the other. Anoint it with some Lady of the House Oil. Then take each of the halves and place them together and tie them with a red string. Bury this in your yard. You may also simply take a red or yellow string and tie three knots, just like the candle ritual. With each knot say one of the following: “with respect,” “with loyalty,” and “with faithfulness.” Then place the string under your mattress and keep it there. 



Sold as a Curio. For external use only. A skin test is always recommended prior to wearing or bathing. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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heather montgomery
Lady of the House Oil

Smells good and it works!


Love the scent. I haven’t used it yet but I’m sure I’ll see the results for which I purchased it for in due timing




This oil does just what it says it’ll do! And it smells SO GOOD!!!!


Smells great