Jezebel Shea Herbal Soap for Attraction (Wealthy Men) and Business Opportunities

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Our Jezebel Shea Herbal Soap is based upon the traditional Louisiana Hoodoo oil that was known to facilitate the attraction of wealthy men & encourage fortuitous business endeavors. Reportedly, it was once used by prostitutes as a mean to draw in rich clients. It is believed to provide women with an advantage in romantic and business relationships. We find it a wonderful blend to use when one wishes to control situations that involve relationships with the opposite sex. Our Jezebel Soap simply would be useless without the fabulous magical effects of the actual Jezebel root which we include in each and very bar. . But we add much more to this blend than just the root! Our Jezebel Shea Herbal Soap also includes calamus, patchouli, gentian, witch grass, rose, master of woods, and other potent herbs and oils. Each bar is approximately 4 oz.

Sold as a Curio. Keep away from children and pets.