House Blessing Oil

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Our House Blessing Oil is another one of the staff favorites. It's the perfect blend for those who desire to change the energy within their own home and it's perfect to use whenever you find yourself moving to a apartment, house, office or any other type of space where good energy is needed. Blessing Oil has a little bit of everything in it. It can protect while at the same time neutralize any negative energy. More Importantly, the herbs and oils in this blend do draw in good energy. With Sandalwood, Black Snake Root, Chickweed, Lavender, Juniper, Jasmine and Rosemary, it has all the necessary ingredients to bring warm and welcome blessings into your home. It comes in a ½ oz bottle.

There are literally countless ways you can use Blessing oil. Rub some on your doors, in sacred spaces, mix some into a floor cleaner, rub some on your furniture, place a drop or two in every corner of your home. Of course, you can wear it, dab some in the bath, put a bit on important papers such as birth certificates or social security cards, dab some on holy objects or special talismans. Don't forget to put some on your altar if you have one too. One of my favorite rituals is to anoint some on a simple white votive candle. Next to it get a small bowl and fill it with either rose petals, fresh orange peels or marjoram (you can use all three as well) and place some oil in the small bowl. Light the candle and ask for's that simple!!!

Sold as a Curio. For external use only.