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Hot Foot Oil For Banishing Negative People

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Hot Foot Oil is designed to harmlessly rid your life and space of negative people or situations. Use it for enemies, undesirable neighbors, negative or abusive people, co-workers, or any other situation or spiritual force that is negatively affecting you. You may use it for candle divinations or foot tracking rituals. Cayenne pepper has long been reputed as a Hoodoo irritant; it is the active ingredient in Hot Foot Oil. Our handmade Hot Foot Oil comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What Does Hot Foot Oil Do?:

  • Cause unwanted people to leave without the risk of negative karma.
  • Rid your life and space of people who are abusive, neglectful, unwanted, irritating, harmful, or bring negativity.
  • Remove negative energy or vibrations, unwanted advances, or unpleasant situations.
  • Banish negative people from your immediate space or life.


What are the Ingredients in Hot Foot Oil?:

Besides cayenne pepper, Hot Foot Oil contains sulfur, black pepper, and red pepper. 


How to use Hot Foot Oil:

Hot Foot Oil users have two main options. The most common method of use is sprinkling some in areas where your target frequently walks. You may also put some on chairs, doorknobs, or other objects they frequently use. When doing this, be sure to walk backward while stating your intentions loud and clear. A few hoodoo practitioners suggest that you should do this taking an odd number of steps. Once completed, turn your back do NOT look back! A certain Hoodooist I am acquainted with recommends sprinkling the oil in a cross-shaped pattern instead of a straight line.


How to Use Hot Foot Oil in a Foot Tracking RItual or Spell:

A powerful candle divination ritual is carving the name of the individual or situation you wish to eliminate into a black wax candle. Then, use Hot Foot Oil to dress the candle by anointing a little oil onto the candle, starting at the top of the candle and pushing the oil down towards its base.  Or, you can jot your intentions down on some parchment or a piece of brown paper bag, and then anoint the center of the paper with Hot Foot Oil. Then, fold the paper away from you (with the crease facing you). Place the candle on a plate or candle holder and set it on top of your folded petition, then light the candle and recite Psalm 35.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
I believe this works ❤️

I paired this oil with the evil be gone oil,to remove unwanted enemies/ energy and monitoring spirits.I don't use it on specific person's because I experience a lot of attempted hidden sabotage ,I use general over all situations,like energy vampires,evil eye, secret hate or hidden hate.It works


So far the hot foot oil works for me when theres bad people prowling around my house

Amy C

I love this smell. It’s spicy and powerful.
It’s definitely been working. I feel more peace and love with the people around me. My intentions are never to harm anyone but also I don’t take any shit. I’m more confident in this oil more & more.

LOVE These Oils!

Art of the Root was recommended to me a few weeks ago. My original purchase was a gift to someone so it wasn’t until last week that I received my own order. They are AMAZING! They have a clean energy to them and the scents are wonderful. They are subtle in their potency and addictive to use! I have already anointed candles, my altars, my entryway, money, my shoes, my body… Bottom line is I love these oils and I am an immediate fan. I recommend 100%.


When I wear this or use it in candles, negative people stay away and all my reviews at work are upstanding. Keep It by the door to put it in your shoes before heading out the door!