The Top 10 Hoodoo and Conjure Oils with Authentic Recipes

In folk magic, Conjure and Hoodoo Oils are used to create a channel between the earthly and spiritual realms. This connection helps to manifest your intentions. That is why it is so important to work with potent oils. With so many Hoodoo and Conjure Oils on the market today, how are you supposed to choose the best? Look for oils made with herbs, essential oils, roots, and minerals. Real, fresh ingredients make powerful oils. Whether you want to draw in love, money, abundance, compel others, open new doors, or protect against negativity, there are oils to help you work your magic. Below are my favorite ten hoodoo and conjure oils that everyone practitioner needs.

Van Van Oil

Believed to have originated in Algiers, Louisiana, Van Van Oil, also known as Lousiana Van Van Oil, is considered to be an “original” Hoodoo Oil.  Primarily used for clearing away negativity (evil eye), and removing obstacles, Van Van Oil also helps to draw in luck and good fortune. Use Van Van Oil when you feel stuck or stagnant.  Van Van Oil works by creating luck and clearing negativity from the environment, and, in turn, new positive energy is free to flow in toward you. Traditional Van Van Oil includes Lemon Grass, Palmarosa and Citronella. You might also see Van Van Oils with eucalyptus, pine, bergamot or lemon balm.

Use Van Van Oil to anoint your body, anoint jewelry, add a few drops in the bath or in the heel of your shoe.  Traditionally, Van Van Oil is anointed on doorways, business cards, resumes, applications, bank statements and/or cash registers. Use on candles, mojo bags, spell papers, or your magical tools to help amplify your intentions and the power of your rituals and spells. I like to use yellow, white or green candles when working with Van Van Oil.

Van Van Oil Ingredients:


Lemon Grass, 





Money Drawing Oil

Money does not buy happiness, but it might help! Money Drawing Conjure Oil is a favorite oil used to draw in money and financial abundance. Think of Money Drawing Oil as an attraction oil.  Use it in spells and rituals where you want to attract wealth and prosperity. Whether you want a raise, a new job, a reduction in debt, or when you find yourself in a financial pinch, Money Drawing Oil is the “go to” oil when performing spells or rituals related to your overall financial picture.

There is no wrong way to use Money Drawing Oil. Anoint cash in your pocket, cash registers,  important financial documents, applications and bank statements. Rub down your front door, anoint Mojo bags, talismans, lucky charms and candles with Money Drawing Oil. Create a mojo bag that contains cinnamon, nutmeg, flax seeds, chamomile, and a lodestone. Every Thursday, anoint the bag with Money Drawing Oil, and I always have the bag with me. In candle magic, apply Money Drawing Oil to green or gold candles.  Because this is such a popular hoodoo oil with so many uses, there are lots of good, solid Money Drawing Oil recipes.  Below are some of my favorites.

Money Drawing Oil Recipe #1





Red Brick Dust (optional)


Money Oil Recipe #2

Bayberry Bark





Magnetic sand (optional)


Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Use Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to ward off negative influences and to provide a protective barrier against bad intentions thrown you way.  Think of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil as a metaphysical shield against harm, ill wishes, and/or psychic attacks. Manifest a powerful protective aura by anointing yourself, objects close to you, or your physical space with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Whenever you feel thrust into a negative situation or environment, anoint your body, doorways, windows, or personal belongings to create virtual protective armor and safeguard against ill will and unwanted forces. In the practice of candle magic, use a red candle with this oil. Finally, feel free to use Fiery Wall of Protection Oil in conjunction with other oils that focus on protection, like St. Michael’s Oil. Fiery Wall of Protection Oil , along with Uncrossing Oils, are considered to be one of the most important Hoodoo Oils to have in your cupboard.

Fiery Wall of Protection Hoodoo Oil Recipe

Black Pepper

Black or Kosher Salt


Dragons Blood Resin


Angelica Root


Crown of Success Oil 

Crown of Success Oil is a favorite when seeking triumph, victory, and general accomplishment. Enhance your personal power and help facilitate success with Crown of Success Oil. When you find yourself in competitive situations, and you need to shine brightly against rivals, Crown of Success Oil is your best choice.  Anoint yourself, exams, resumes, and/or business documents to help attract positive opportunities, and supercharge your chances for success.   Try anointing it on yellow or gold candles. You can also work with a purple-colored candle when seeking to boost your power and influence and stomp out the competition. 

Crown of Success Oil Recipe

Master Root





High John the Conqueror Root


Fast Luck Oil

Are you in need of some good luck? If so, and there is no time to waste, Fast Luck Oil is the answer. When time is of the essence, Fast Luck Oil brings luck … fast!  A favorite when looking to manifest gambler’s luck, Fast Luck Oil can be applied to charms, candles, and/or personal items.  Change luck from bad to good. Anoint a mojo bag, cash in pocket, or rub on your hands before playing games of chance. In candle magic, anoint a red candle with Fast Luck Oil and then dust it with a bit of cinnamon powder.

Fast Luck Oil Recipe







Love & Attraction Oil

What is as sought after as Money? Of course, Love is!  In rituals and spells that are geared toward matters of the heart, Love & Attraction Oil is my favorite.  Use this oil to draw in new love, encourage commitment between two people, or to intensify romantic or sexual energy in your relationship. Even though its most often used in love spells, Love & Attraction Oil is also used in conjunction with reconciliation spells, or as a fragrant reminder of self-love and inner beauty. There are countless Love & Attraction Oil recipes on the market so I always encourage those to pick the ones that have herbs and oils that speak to them. My personal favorite Love & Attraction Oil recipes are made with rose, jasmine, orris root, and loveage which is a great combination. There are countless ways to work with a Love & Attraction conjure oil. You can anoint your body, your front door, candles, jewelry, or talismans and draw love into your life. Try dabbing some on before heading out on a date. Love & Attraction Oil is a “must have” on every altar. Use with pink candles when focusing on relationships, or use with red candles when you’re looking for fiery passion and romance.  Here a couple of my favorite recipes.

Love & Attraction Oil Recipe #1





Loveage Root


Love & Attraction Oil Recipe #2

Ylang Ylang

Cherry Bark

Orris Root




Vanilla (for a boost in seduction)


Road Opener Oil

Break obstacles and open doors to new opportunities and fresh starts with Road Opener Oil. I recommend this oil to those who want to start something “new”, like a new business venture. There are lots of Road Opener Oil recipes, but one thing every Road Opener Oil should contain is Abre Camino.  Literally, Abre Camino translates to "Road Opener" in English. Different herbaceous plants are interchangeably called Abre Camino.  However, the most common is the herbaceous plant Eupatorium villosum which is a perennial native to South America and parts of Florida. In the Florida Keys this plant is commonly called Thoroughwort.  In addition to Abre Camino, Road Opener Oil should contain Lemon, Pine, Bergamot, and Lemongrass. Anoint objects like keys, doorways, and important documents with Road Opener. In candle magic, anoint Road Opener Oil to orange, gold, or yellow candles. To do this, anoint the candle starting in the center of the candle and work your way up the candle, toward the wick. Next, take some of the oil and start in the middle of the candle and work your way down, to the bottom. 

Road Opener Oil Recipe

Abre Camino 




Five Finger Grass


Commanding Oil 

When asserting authority, looking to gain influence, or simply to compel others to do your will, turn to Commanding Oil.  This oil should include herbs associated with domination like calamus root, sweet woodruff, and licorice root.  Anoint yourself, personal items, or petitions to assert your will. When you want to persuade and control, Commanding Oil is the “go to” oil. This oil can be applied directly to your target (someone you wish to influence) in a secret manner, or anywhere your target may come into contact with it, like a chair or a doorknob. It can be dabbed onto petitions, talismans, amulets, or roots (such as the High John The Conqueror Root). One technique is to grab some dirt from where your target walked, and mix this dirt with a few drops of Controlling Oil. Then go to where your target dwells and blow the dirt towards the front door. Try adding this oil to a honey pot, or in candle magic, use Commanding Oil with a purple candle.

Commanding Oil Recipe

Sweet Woodruff (also known as Master of the Woods)

Calamus Root

Licorice Root

Master Root (Masterwort)



Tobacco (optional)


Healing Oil

With its soothing and restorative properties, Healing Oil offers comfort to the body, mind, soul and spirit. Herbs like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile, are combined to create this gentle yet potent oil.  Use it to promote physical healing, emotional and spiritual well-being, and energetic balance. Its also great to use when confronted with emotional turmoil, sadness or when you need to let go of harmful people and situations. Apply Healing Oil to the body, add to baths, or used in healing rituals to bring comfort during times of distress.

Healing Oil Recipe





Lemon Balm

Golden Seal


Protection From Evil Oil

Protect yourself from negative energies, psychic attacks, or spiritual harm with Protection From Evil Oil.  Like Fiery Wall of Protection, Protection from Evil creates a shield of spiritual defense to ward off malevolent forces. Protection from Evil Oil can also deter the evil eye, block people who may energetically drain you, and protect you from negative spells, jinxes or hexes. It is also highly effective against those who wish to dominate or control you. Try anointing yourself, talismans, or doorways with Protection Oil from Evil Oil.  Use this oil with white or black candles.   You can also use with railroad spikes, iron nails or even on a Bible placed near the front door. 

Protection from Evil Oil Recipe






Goats Rue (Devil's Shoestring)


Regardless of what you seek to manifest, conjure oils are your secret ally.   Use these oils to harness the power within yourself.  Once you tap into your inner strength, you will be able to use these oils to help manifest intentions, and help determine the destiny you desire.

For more recipes and herbal ingredients, check out our article HOODOO OILS: RECIPES FOR LOVE, MONEY, PROTECTION, AND LUCK.

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