Hecate Oil for Magic, Sorcery, Power & Wisdom

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Our Hecate Oil was created to honor the Greek Goddess Hecate who is often called up for her powers to aid in magical rites and rituals. In Greek mythology, Hecate was the Greek goddess of magic. Although it is difficult to determine her origins, many historians believe she had a strong following in Thrace and in a number of other ancient Greek cities such as Athens and Thessaly. Often depicted with a dog, Hecate was associated with the crossroads, the moon, magic, sorcery, the dead, herbal knowledge, poisons and the mystery of the unknown.  Images of her varied throughout time. She can often be seen holding a torch and key, but has also appeared as three headed or tryptic (three bodied). Those who worshiped Hecate believed she was a protector of the home and served as a goddess that had dominion over the underworld. Thus, she was often worshiped in home shrines as a means of protection from unwanted spirits and ghosts. Modern worshipers continue call upon her guidance for insight, guidance, magical power and wisdom. Hecate Oil is perfect to use when one wishes to establish a connection with her, particularly during important ceremonies. Those who wish to call upon Hecate often do so when particular rituals or spells are performed that delve into the magical realm where one wishes to increase their power during their magical undertakings. Hecate is the ideal Goddess to call upon when one seeks protection or when one simply wants to tap into her powers. Made with Mullein, Cypress, Rue, Bay, Frankincense, Myrrh, Nutmeg and a few other potent herbs and oils, it comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Hecate should typically be called upon during the new moon. Offerings to her should include wine, honey and fish. Because she is associated with light and magic, I often suggest working with white candles should you wish to pursue candle divination. You may wish to set up an altar or may even simply print out your favorite image of her. Chants and prayers to her may be as personal as you want. Because you are calling in her support, you want to anoint the white candle with Hecate Oil and draw the oil up the candle to the wick. You may wish to write out a petition, however, with Hecate, I often encourage people to speak with her directly. When the ritual is complete, it is important to leave the left overs at a crossroads as this is her domain.

Of Course, Hecate Oil can be dabbed on the body, dropped into the bath or anointed on talismans and amulets. It is a great anointing oil in general and can be dabbed on to ritual tools, altars and divination tools. Dab a bit into your journals or simply anoint some on your wrists or third eye. Rub some on your front door during a new moon for protection or simply leave the bottle out during a full moon to increase its power.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Not intended for children.