Has No Hanna Oil for Money, Love & Gambling

Has No Hanna Oil for Money, Love & Gambling

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Has No Hanna Oil is another old Voodoo blend known to attract both money and love. In fact, it is one of the oils known to help with keeping money in the pocket and keeping lovers from straying. It also a powerful blend to use when trying to get those in your family from spending all of your money! And for those of you who like games of chance, Has No Hanna Oil allegedly helps with gambling. Mentioned in Black and White Magic of Marie Laveau, It’s clear this recipe has strong roots in New Orleans Voodoo. Although there are literally countless recipes for Has No Hanna, the legitimate ones always include Jasmine. Our particular blend not only includes jasmine, hut it also has vetivert, orange, catnip, sandalwood, a touch of cinnamon and ginger. It comes in a ½ bottle and really does smell wonderful.


Has No Hanna Oil can be worn on the body, placed in the heal of your shoe, put in the bath, placed in important documents, business cards, money and even the back of a picture of your love interest. If your goal is to keep your lover from straying anoint some on a back of their photograph and pin it behind your bed. You can also put some in your wallet or simply put some on a cotton ball and keep it in your purse. Anoint your favorite jewelry with a bit of oil prior to wearing it. Rub some on you altar on your favorite talismans or lucky coins.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only.

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