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Has No Hanna Oil for Money, Luck & Fidelity

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Has No Hanna Oil is another old Voodoo blend known to attract both money and love. It helps keep money in the pocket and lovers from straying. It's a powerful blend to keep those in your family from asking for and spending all of your money! Use it for luck with gambling and games of chance.  It comes in a ½ glass bottle and smells wonderful! 

What does Has No Hanna Oil do:

  • Keep lovers from straying.
  • Can increase your odds in gambling and games of chance.
  • Aids in preventing your family from asking for and spending your money.
  • Help you from losing or spending money.


What are the ingredients in Has No Hanna Oil:

As mentioned in the book, Black and White Magic by Marie Laveau, It’s clear this recipe has strong roots in New Orleans Voodoo. Although there are literally countless recipes for Has No Hanna, the legitimate ones always include Jasmine. Our particular blend not only includes jasmine, but it also has vetivert, orange, catnip, sandalwood, a touch of cinnamon, and ginger.


How to use Has No Hanna Oil:

Has No Hanna Oil can be worn on the body, placed in the heel of your shoe, added to the bath, dabbed on important documents, business cards, money, and even the back of a picture of your love interest. If your goal is to keep your lover from straying, anoint some on the back of their photograph and pin it behind your bed so their image is facing you. You can also put some in your wallet or simply put some on a cotton ball and keep it in your purse. Anoint your favorite jewelry with a bit of oil prior to wearing it. Rub some on your altar, on your favorite talismans or lucky coins.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. A skin test is recommended prior to use. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tim L
This oil is great!

I've been this oil in combination with the High John. Great results is all I'm going to say.

Has No Hannah Oil

Used a little on my wrist. Have been receiving blessing after blessing 🙏🏾


Works great!

Jessica Younger
Great product

Works very well!


Absolutely amazing. I have to buy more. I use them so much that it doesn't last very long lol