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Gypsy Queen Oil for Wisdom & Intuition

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Use our Gypsy Queen Oil to connect with your inner Gypsy! Perfect for enhancing fortunetelling, divinations, and psychic awareness. Use it for all types of spiritual work, conjure rituals, and meditation. It helps with self-transformation and expanding spiritual horizons. Use it as a blessing oil and to create sacred spaces. Even though this is an Art of the Root original, many of the ingredients have been used for centuries and are even mentioned in the Bible. It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle and it smells divine!

What does Gypsy Queen Oil do:

  • Create a sacred and magical environment that enhances divinations and meditation.
  • Help you to connect with your inner Gypsy.
  • Aid in transformations, psychic development, and broadening spiritual horizons.
  • Strengthen fortunetelling abilities and psychic powers.


What are the ingredients in Gypsy Queen Oil:

Gypsy Queen’s lovely sweet, spicy scent comes from sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, vanilla, dandelion root, marigold, and yarrow.


How to use Gypsy Queen Oil:

Gypsy Queen Oil can be dabbed on the body, used in a bath, anointed on sacred objects or talismans. Dab some on an altar, on divination tools or even rub it on your hands prior to handling divination tools. Place some on your third eye chakra prior to meditating or practicing yoga. Of course, it makes a great anointing oil for candle divinations and I would suggest working with a purple or white candle.


Who Were the Gypsies?

Their early origins began in the Middle East; India in particular. Over time, they journeyed to what is now Romania and parts of Hungary. Because they were widely persecuted, they were forced to migrate frequently, particularly to Europe and the Americas. The term “wandering gypsy” is founded upon the very fact that they were unwelcome in so many countries. They were and continue to be wildly creative, highly adaptive, and fiercely independent. We could all benefit from a bit of the Gypsy spirit.




Sold as a curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

The smell of this one is divine! And when using it, I experience very vivid dreams... definitely a new fave!

kris spillane

I bought a few of these oils and they all smell absolutely amazing!

Lady Mabonna
Beautiful Potion

This is lovely and very powerful. I am using it on my hands, third eye, tarot cards, pendulum, etc. Some gypsy women offered to buy me sixty years ago, recognizing me as one of their own (true story). I was five, and no one was surprised when I took up palmistry at nine years of age. Sooo...I always say I was born a gypsy and captured by a band of roving housewives. This oil suits me just fine, and puts me in touch with my inner gypsy queen. Smells amazing, too. Thank you!!!




Love the blend of the frankincense in this; more of a relaxing ceremonial scent..