Gypsy Queen Oil for Divination, Meditation & Magic Rituals

Gypsy Queen Oil for Divination, Meditation & Magic Rituals

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Our Gypsy Queen Oil is made for all of you who wish to connect to your inner gypsy. This is an exclusive blend developed by Art of the Root. But, please don’t be fooled! The ingredients in this particular recipe of been used for centuries. In fact, the three main ingredients are even mentioned in the Bible. This is the perfect blend to aid you in your divination and fortunetelling skills….and that’s not all. It’s the perfect oil for any type of meditation or spiritual work that you may choose to embark on. It can also be used as an all around blessing oil, sacred space oil or anointing oil. This is the one oil I personally work with all the time and I designed it specifically for divination and conjure rituals. If you are more interested in simply expanding your spiritual horizons, it will work just as well. Made with Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vanilla, Dandelion Root, Marigold and Yarrow, it comes in a ½ oz bottle.

And who in fact were the gypsies? Well, their early origins began in the Middle East, India in particular. Over time, they journeyed to what is now Romania and parts of Hungary. Because they were widely persecuted, they were forced to migrate frequently, particularly to Europe and the Americas. The term “wandering gypsy” is founded upon the very fact that they were unwelcome in so many countries. They were and continue to be wildly creative, highly adaptive and fiercely independent. We could all benefit from a bit of the Gypsy spirit.

Our Gypsy Queen Oil can be dabbed on the body, put in the tub, placed in sacred objects or talismans, put on an altar, dabbed on divination tools or even rubbed on the hands prior to handling and divination tool. Place some on your third eye chakra prior to meditating or practicing yoga. Of course, it makes a great anointing oil for candle divination and I suggest working with a purple or white candle.

Sold as a curio. For external use only.

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