Good Fortune Soy Spell Candle for Blessings, Prosperity, Healing & the Manifestation of Wishes

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Our Good Fortune Soy Spell Candle has all the right essential oils and herbs to help you tap into the bountiful elements of the earth. Every herb in this blend is celebrated for its association with abundance, wealth, blessings, prosperity, healing and the manifestation of one’s wishes. The goal of our Good Fortune Soy Spell Candle is to help you obtain a variety of intentions. So, it’s perfect for those of you who may want to manifest a variety of objectives such as blessings, luck, money, abundance and over all well-being. Our Good Fortune Soy Spell Candle includes rose, sandalwood, bay, patchouli, and other related herbs and oils. It has a wonderful rich aroma and is made with all-natural soy wax. It comes in a 8 oz glass container.

Because we add both herbs and oils directly into our candles, you can simply burn the candle while visualization your intentions. However, should you wish to perform a more elaborate ritual, we suggest doing the following ceremony. Get some kosher salt, ground cinnamon and whole cloves and mix them together. For those of you who are more magickally inclined, you may also mix in vervain, chamomile, silver dimes and a bit of rose petals. Take your candle and place it on a round plate. Take your mixture and surround your candle with it. When ready, light your candle and visualize. When the candle is completely burned out, take some of salt mixture and sprinkle a bit in every corner of your home. You will also want to sprinkle a bit along the outside entrance to your front door; or simply place some in a bowl of water and keep it in the center of your home.

Warming: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

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