Goddess Oil Kit for Abundance, Love, & Power

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Invoke the power of your favorite Goddesses with our Goddess Oil Set. This set includes three of our favorite Goddess Oils: Goddess of Love, Goddess of Abundance & Goddess of Power. Start off with our Goddess of Abundance Oil for Wealth, Prosperity & Success.  Use it in a money ritual or just to help create a new flow of prosperity.  It includes 6 sacred herbs and oils associated with our favorite abundance Goddesses, Fortuna Copia, Inari, Epona, Renenet, Lakshmi and Anuket,  Next, move on to the Goddess of Power Oil.  This oil is for when you need your strong yet feminine side to shine.  With 6 sacred herbs & oils including Oregano, Myrrh, Apple, Mango Leaves, Cowslip and Lime this exquisite oil can help to bring out the courage you need to carve your path and conquer the world.  Finally, draw in the attention you deserve with our Goddesses of Love Oil.  We called upon love Goddesses like Oshun, Astarte, Brigid, Xochiquetzal, Venus and Qetesh to help inspire this oil.  Made with their favorite sacred herbs, we've included Orange, Marigold, Dandelion, Acacia, Cardamom and Rose.  

The Goddess Oil Set contains 3 oils exclusive to Art of the Root.  These oils work well together whether mixed or used separately.  Each oil comes in 1/2 oz bottle.