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Goddess of Abundance Oil for Prosperity

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Our Goddess of Abundance Oil is the ideal blend to use to create a life full of prosperity, wealth, blessings, and fruitful endeavors. Use it for rituals for money, business, love, family and marriage matters, freedom from debt, new ventures, and more. As with our other Goddess Oils, we have included six sacred herbs and oils associated with our favorite abundance goddesses: Fortuna Copia, Inari, Epona, Renenet, Lakshmi, and Anuket. This Goddess of Abundance Oil comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Goddess of Abundance Oil do:

  • Bring success in money, love, luck, family and marriage, and business.
  • Harness the power of Abundance Goddesses to strengthen manifestations.
  • Enhance money, love, business, and prosperity rituals.
  • Create an environment perfect for a bountiful, fruitful, blessed life.


What are the ingredients in Goddess of Abundance Oil:

It includes cornflower, bay, lily, rose, lotus, and rice. 


How to use Goddess of Abundance Oil:

Our Goddess of Abundance Oil can be used to wash down furniture or dabbed on important documents and bank statements. You can certainly rub down your work environment with this oil. Put a couple of drops on your business cards or dab some on the cash in your wallet. You may also simply pour some over a bowl of cedar chips, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Leave this by your front door to draw in abundant energy.


How to use Goddess of Abundance Oil in Spells and Rituals:

You can work with our Goddess of Abundance Oil in a variety of ways. It's a great oil to use in candle magic, for example. Just get the appropriate color candle such as a green candle for money or a pink one for love. Anoint the candle with some Goddess of Abundance Oil, making sure you draw the oil up the candle toward the wick. Find some images of the things you desire and paste them onto a piece of paper. Dab them with a bit of oil. Put your candle in a candle holder and place it on top of your images. By far the best psalm to read while performing this particular ritual is Psalm 23. And don't forget to visualize!!!! The best day to perform prosperity rituals is Thursday. You may also want to perform your ritual at the onset of a new moon.


Who are the Goddesses of Abundance?

Fortuna Copia

Fortuna Copia is the Roman Goddess of Destiny, Great Fortune, and Abundance. Often depicted as holding a rudder and cornucopia, she is honored for her ability to steer us in the right direction in order to help us obtain an abundant life. She is also associated with timing and luck in general. She is without a doubt, one of the best Goddesses to work with when one is confronted with issues of sadness, poverty, misfortune, etc. as she is known to help put people back on the right path. She is even represented in the Tarot deck as one of the major arcana, thus representing the significance of destiny and fate. When all things are aligned, she promises great prosperity. The Daffodil flower is her sacred plant. However, since daffodils can be toxic, we have included Bay leaves. However, we have added daffodil fragrance oil.



Renenet was an Egyptian Goddess of Wealth, Riches, and Prosperity. She was also associated with the harvest, nourishment, and the naming of children. Names were considered to be incredibly important to the Egyptians as they believed if a name was forgotten, the soul would not survive eternal life. She is a Cobra Goddess, often depicted as a woman with the head of a cobra or in some cases, depicted with the head of a lion. Her association with the cobra most likely comes from the snakes seen throughout the fields during harvest time. Offerings to her would often include wines and fresh fruit.



Epona was a far-reaching Goddess. Widely accepted to have originated in Gaul, Epona was adopted by a number of cultures including the Celtic, Irish, Welsh, Scots, and Romans. Epona was traditionally known as a horse goddess. Frequently worshiped by cultures who depended on their relationship with horses, Epona was almost always depicted with the image of a horse and was commonly associated with a white mare. Her association with wealth and prosperity comes from two primary beliefs: the horse was seen as an animal of power, importance, and prestige, and Epona's connection to dreams. As a dream goddess, she represents the fulfillment of one's aspirations, hopes, and desires. She is a goddess of manifestation.



Anuket was another important Egyptian Goddess of Abundance, Wealth, and Riches. She represented the abundance of the Nile and all that grows from it. Traditionally, Anuket would be offered coins, precious objects, and jewelry which would be thrown into the waters of the Nile. She is considered to be a life-giver and not only represents prosperity but is also associated with Health and Happiness.



Inari is the Japanese Goddess of food, rice, agriculture, and fertility. As such, she is a Goddess of Abundance. Typically depicted with a fox, Inari is still considered one of Japan's most important deities. Offerings typically include rice and sake. Her associated color is red. Inari represents the fruitfulness of life and all that grows out of the planting of seeds.



Although Lakshmi is considered a wonderful goddess to petition for prosperity, wealth, and abundance, she is also a goddess of beauty, grace, purity, and charm. She is another mother goddess and thus is referred to as “mata” or “mother”. Lakshmi represents the female side of the “supreme” being, Lord Vishnu. She is what Carl Jung would refer to as the animus, the female side of the whole. Or, in Chinese philosophy, she would be Yin in Yin & Yang. Lakshmi represents the healthy attributes of femininity, such as kindness, sensitivity, and receptivity.



Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.


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Customer Reviews

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Wendell McDonald
Goddess of Abundance

Haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'm thinking 🤔 of a CREATIVE way, to use it on my Tax Return. Hmmm. I would like an Abundance, both Federal and State to come my way. I surely need a Big Pay Day to come my way. 💵 🤑 💰 🏦

We shall see. Hopefully, I can let everyone here know what happens, if im able to.

It smells so beautiful

I had it from years ago and this one is my favorite because the smell is just wow!


Beautiful scent! Manifest all your desires and everything will happen for you🙏🏼


I like it...it's a very nice scent. As for abundance I feel abundant...used it and made a sale at work

My favorite oil

I've been using goddess of abundance oil for a couple of years now. It's my absolute favorite to use after a shower mixed with lotion and drawing all the abundance towards my heart.