Ghost Chaser Oil for Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo & Magick Rituals

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Ghost Chaser Oil is the perfect solution for clearing a space of unwanted ghosts, spirits or negative influences.  Made with an array of herbs and oils revered for their ability to purify an environment and cast out evil energy, our Ghost Chaser Oil can clear the home and dispel any unpleasant energies that are negatively impacting your life.  We have also added a number of herbs that target issues such as “hag riding,” residual hauntings, poltergeists or entities that may have attached themselves to you.  Ghost Chaser Oil can even dispel negative attacks, witchcraft and the evil eye.  Ghost Chaser Oil includes St. Johns Wort, Mullein, Rue, Black Snake Root, Chrysanthemum Buds, Basil, Scotch Broom and many other related herbs.  It comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Purifying the home of negative energies can be done in a variety of ways: Add a few drops of Ghost Chaser Oil in every corner of your home while reciting psalm 37 or a prayer of your own.  Place a few drops of Oil in the heel of your shoe or anoint a cross or piece of jewelry and carry it on you.  For a powerful wash, simmer basil, parsley and fennel, strain out the herbs and add some Ghost Chaser Oil to the remaining water.  This mixture can be added to a bath or used as a floor wash.  If you choose to perform a spiritual bath, we recommend you do this for nine days in a row.

Another effective technique is to mix a few drops of Ghost Chaser Oil with some kosher salt and use this as a floor sweep.  You will also want to sprinkle this on the outside of any entrance to your home.  If you feel as though you need an extra strong blend, consider adding a bit of sulphur or asafetida to the floor sweep.  Do not add the sulphur to the bath!  When performing a floor wash or sweep, make sure to start at the back of your home, going toward the front entrance, making sure you focus on pushing out all the negative energy right out the front door.  It is also helpful to simply rub a bit of Ghost Chaser Oil on any door/entrance to your home while reciting psalm 37.  

For witchcraft attacks, create a witch’s bottle filled with some Ghost Chaser Oil, vinegar, a bit of your urine, salt and nine pins and hide it someplace in your home where it will not be seen.  If there is a particular person you feel is attacking you, you can write their name backwards three times on a piece of parchment paper or small piece of brown paper bag.  Fold the paper three times, making sure you fold the paper away from you. Tie this with some white string that has been soaked in Ghost Chaser Oil and put it in the witch’s bottle.  

If you feel as though you are being attacked in your sleep, anoint a bible with Ghost Chaser Oil and place it under your pillow.  It is also recommended to anoint the top of your head with Ghost Chaser Oil before bed as well.  For further protection, mix some salt, flax seeds and a few drops of Ghost Chaser Oil and place it directly under your bed.  If you have a fireplace, you can place the mixture directly into the mouth of the fireplace.  You can also sprinkle a bit of this mixture by the doors to any bedroom.

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