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Follow Me Girl Oil

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Follow Me Girl is made for those of you who wish to draw in a specific woman by influencing their actions and thoughts.  Known as a true Hoodoo Oil, Follow Me Girl can be used in any type of magical tradition. Be warned! Follow Me Girl Oil is a controlling and compelling oil, so be careful how you use it! Follow Me Girl Oil comes in a 1/2 oz bottle.

    -  Make a female follow your wishes and commands.

    -  Control and dominate the actions and thoughts of a female.

    -  Boost feelings of self-confidence and charisma.

    -  Enhance one's attractiveness and persuasion abilities.


What Does Follow Me Girl Do:

Follow me girl Oil is commonly used to attract and control a female lover or love interest. It may also be used to enhance one's personal attractiveness and charm, making it easier to attract a love interest and win their affection. Be warned! Follow Me Girl Oil is a controlling and compelling oil, so be careful how you use it!


What are the ingredients in Follow Me Girl Oil:

Our Follow Me Girl Oil is made with Bay, Ginseng, Ginger, Vetiver, Licorice Root, Bergamot, and a number of other related herbs and oils. 

How to use Follow Me Girl Oil:

Follow Me Girl Oil can be anointed on candles, poppets, mojo bags, jewelry or anointed in any place where your target will come into contact with it. Dab some onto petitions, talismans, amulets, or roots (such as the High John The Conqueror Root). Another great technique is to grab some dirt where your target has walked and mix it with a few drops of Follow Me Girl Oil. Add this to a jar of honey and mix in some brown sugar and cinnamon. Close the jar with a metal lid and place a blue, pink or red votive candle on top while visualizing your intentions. 


How to perform a Follow Me Girl Spell:

You will need the following items:

- 9 pink or blue chime candles.

- Follow Me Girl Oil.

- Parchement paper, cut into 9 small sqaures.

- Magnetic sand (optional)

This is to be done over 9 consecutive nights. To begin, take your parchment paper and cut it into 9 separate squares. Then take a chime candle and anoint it with Follow Me Girl Oil. Take 1 piece of parchment paper and write out the name of your target. Dab it with a bit of Follow Me Girl Oil. Light your candle (just one) and place it directly over the piece of paper with your target's name. Do not fold it. This spell doesn't require it. When the candle is lit, state your target's name and state your intention. You will do this for a total of 9 nights. When the spell is complete, take the remains and place them in a box. Add some magnetic sand and a couple drops of Follow Me Girl Oil. Hide it in a place where it won't be found. Should you wish to undo this spell, discard the remains at a crossroads or throw them into moving water.

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William Reaves
Great oils

I am impressed with my order from your company. I am just curious about the spiritual side of the universe. Will let you know more at a later date. Thanks for your help 👍

Steevens Apollon

Follow Me Girl Oil