A Commanding Spell to Control & Compel

If you find the object of your desire is running around on you, or if your love interest ignores your little signs of affection, a simple commanding spell may get them back under your influence.  Commanding magic is primarily use to bring a target under your control or to lead them into following your suggestions. The force in which you utilize commanding or compelling magic can often be determined by the type of spell you perform. For this particular spell, we are using both commanding magic and a little compelling magic.  Ever heard the expression, "light a fire under their ass." Yep, this spell does exactly that. 


Simple Commanding Spell

You will need: 

  • Parchment Paper & Pen    
  • Tobacco & Cloves 
  • Something that belongs to your target (clothing, jewelry or use a picture of the target if you do not have a personal belonging  
  • Fire-Safe Jar (think of a canning jar with the lid)
  • Pink or red thread 
  • Follow Me Boy Oil  (you can use whatever oil fits your situation like Controlling Oil, Bend Over Oil or Jezebel Oil.
  • Matches and small candle 


The first thing you will do is write your love interest’s name, birthdate, and any additional identifying facts on the paper.  These facts might be a home address, phone number or even an email address.  Then take the paper and roll it toward your body so it becomes a little scrollGet the pink or red thread and wrap the thread around the scroll 3 times.  

- For the first knot say, "Follow me in Heart"

- For the second knot say, "Follow me in Mind"

- For the third knot say "Follow me in Body"

Take the petition, the tobacco & cloves, and whatever personal items you have that belong to your target and put them in the jar.  Add 20-30 drops of the control oil, and then seal the jar.  Once sealed, you will need to find a secret hiding place for the jar.  If you need to wrap it in a brown paper bag that’s fine, just be sure it is out of sight.  

While the jar is in hiding, focus your intentions upon the target.  Ever so slowly you will begin to notice small indications that your love interest’s will is crumbling.  You may get a morning coffee delivered, or an extra big smile when you see each other.  Whatever sign of warmth you perceive will cause you to want to increase your power while chipping away at your love’s will.   

When and if your find your love interest's wandering away from you, pull out the matches and candles!!!! Light the candle and hold the jar over the flame long enough to get your love up and moving.  Do this for 3 nights in a row.  Each night say the following 3 times: 

As I hold this jar over the fire, name of target will do my desire.       

After the third night, put the jar back in its super-secret hiding place and wait patiently while the leash is tightened.  Should your love interest ever wiggles away, or if you feel the leash needs to be shortenedbring out the jar and heat it up!   

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