Evil Eye Oil for Negativity, Bad Energy & Psychic Attacks

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Our Evil Eye Oil is loaded with a powerful blend of herbs, roots, and oils that target extreme negativity such as malicious energy and negative intentions. The purpose of this blend is to cleanse, purify and halt a spiritual attack. Use it to protect against the Evil Eye, any unwanted intrusions, and bad energy. Our Evil Eye Oil comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Evil Eye Oil do:

  • Stop negativity and bad energy from entering your space.
  • Block and reverse psychic attacks, curses, the evil eye, and hexes.
  • Clear away negative energy from a person, space, or environment.
  • Protect you from harmful spirits and unwanted energy.

What are the ingredients in Evil Eye Oil:

This is one of our more powerful protection and clearing blends infused with boneset, angelica, rue, camphor, agrimony, devil's claw, and many other herbs and oils.


How to use Evil Eye Oil:

Our Evil Eye Oil can be anointed onto sacred objects or anointed on jewelry. It is believed anointing oil on a silver coin or token can serve to be another great layer of protection. Rub some down on all the doors to your home to prevent negativity from entering the home. Place a few drops in a bowl of Kosher salt and place this directly under your bed. Anoint a few drops on a bible and place this under your pillow while sleeping. You can also drop a few drops onto a charcoal disc and fumigate the home. Beware!!! This blend is strong…. A little goes a long way.


How to perform an Evil Eye Protection Spell or Ritual:

Take a black candle. You will need a fairly thick one. Carve the following four words into the candle with an iron nail:





Then anoint the candle with some Evil Eye Oil drawing the oil down the candle (from the middle of the candle to its base). Place it in an appropriate candle holder and set this in a bowl of Kosher salt with 5 drops of Evil Eye Oil. Light the candle and recite the words you carved three times. After the candle burns out, take all the remains, including the salt, and leave it in a churchyard.




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.


Customer Reviews

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jade nichols
Really effective

Add it to your bath for all over protection.

chakalia Donald
Immediate results

This is one of the most powerful sites I’ve used. Conjuring oil work for just what it says. Amazing.


As soon as I got this oil, I had incidents happen which pushed some really negative people out of my life. These were people I had given the benefit of the doubt - people who I always kind of sensed were using me to benefit but I couldn’t bring myself to accept it. It I got this oil and suddenly felt both outer incidents and inner courage to blast them out of my life. I am emotionally, spiritually, finically so much more secure now. I am so lucky to have this protection over me and my family. Thank you to whoever made this!!

Amanda Denbesten
Evil eye oil

Love this addition I picked up. I can't wait to make another order with your store for some more oils and possibly a kit as well. Thank you.

Melanie Korupczynski

The best place to shop for your oils! Not only they’re very affordable but the quality is just incredible! I’m totally addicted to this shop! Will definitely come back for more!