Crown of Success Shea Herbal Soap for Prosperity, Achievement & Victory - Art Of The Root
Crown of Success Shea Herbal Soap for Prosperity, Achievement & Victory

Crown of Success Shea Herbal Soap for Prosperity, Achievement & Victory

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Our Crown Of Success Shea Soap was designed to help you achieve your goals and bring overall success into your life. Use it to aid in job hunting, legal issues, love matters, promotions, business success, beating out your competition, or for successful intentions. It can help break through barriers and obstacles that may be preventing you from attaining your objectives. It's the perfect blend for building bridges to your success. It has a lovely deep citrus scent that can be used by any gender. Each bar is approximately 4 ounces.

What does Crown of Success Shea Soap do:

  • Provide an edge over competition.
  • Bring overall success to any aspect of your life; travel, love, money, business, legal issues, and family matters.
  • Break down barriers and roadblocks that stand in the way of goals.
  • Create bridges and pathways to new and successful opportunities.


What are the ingredients in Crown of Success Shea Soap:

It is made with bay, orange, bergamot, vetiver, High John root, and a number of other success-related herbs and essential oils.


How to use Crown of Success Shea Soap:

It can be used for a general bath soak or can be used in any type of success-related bath ritual. To take a ritual bath, make sure you are already clean; take a shower or bath the day before. While in the bath (or shower if you'd rather), gently wash with the Crown of Success Shea Soap from your toes to your head, praying or saying your intentions; be specific and meaningful.  Try your best to keep negative thoughts at bay while you concentrate on what it is you want to manifest. You don't have to soap your hair, but we suggest taking a bowl or cup of water and swishing in some of the soap, and then pouring it over your head.  When you are finished, if you wish, soak in the bath for 20 minutes, feeling the energy of the herbs, oils, and resins in the Crown of Success Shea Soap permeating deep within your body and drawing all that you desire to you!  When you are finished, you may towel dry your hair, but allow your body to air dry if possible, so as to not dry away your intentions.   





Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. A skin test is always recommended. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.



Customer Reviews

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No words can describe

Amazing, best thing I’ve purchased so far from the website. It’d be awesome if there was a shop where I live.


Beautiful scent. Wonderful shower.

Linda Lelingis
Bar Soap

Smells fantastic!

Paula Jackson
I wear the crown of success

So far I have experienced the beginnings of success! Things seem to be coming into place I meditate as I perform my daily routine and feel great confidence in the day!

Valentina C
Gift for someone

She loved it. The items smelled amazing