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Our Be Witching Oil is an enchanting seduction oil created to entice or bind a lover to you and leave them utterly captivated. It can help you get the upper hand in your current relationship as well as attract new love with your charm. Forget trying to please them, they will want you just the way you are! This is one of our more powerful blends and it comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Be Witching Oil do:

  • Enhance powers of seduction and lust to entice a lover to do as you wish.
  • Cause a current lover or new lover to be captivated by you - just the way you are.
  • Bind a lover to you.
  • Attract potential romantic partners and deepen relationships.
  • Takes any type of love or lust-related spell to the next level. 


What are the ingredients in Be Wiching Oil:

It is made with jasmine, cubeb berries, cardamom, wild yam, licorice, honeysuckle, and an array of other lust-related herbs and essential oils, 


How to use Be Witching Oil:

Be Witching Oil can be placed on your altar, anointed on jewelry or your favorite amulets. Anoint some on a lodestone and carry it on you to draw attention from others. Place a few drops in the heel of your shoe any time you are going out and about. If there is a social function, a date, or a situation where you wish to receive some adoration, dab a drop or two on a business card. If there is a particular love interest, place a few drops on their personal items or anoint a yellow piece of fabric and place this under your mattress.


How to use Be Witching Oil in a Spell or Ritual: 

To perform a Bewitching Spell, you will need a red candle, your Be Witching Oil, a platter, fresh roses, some honey, and ground cinnamon. It takes a couple of days to prepare for this ritual, so I recommend starting on a Monday or Tuesday. You will first need to prepare some rose water. To make rose water, take fresh rose petals and mix them in 1 cup of distilled water. This will need to sit for at least three days. Each day, gently shake the mixture. On the day of your Bewitching Spell, pour enough rose water onto the bottom of the platter to cover it. Then, add some honey and ground cinnamon. Next, get your red candle and carve your intention into it. If it is a specific person, you will want to carve their name. Get your Be Witching Oil and place a few drops on the palms of your hands. Anoint the red candle by drawing the oil up the candle, from the base of the candle to the wick. Put the candle in an appropriate candle holder and place it in the center of the platter. When ready, light the candle and read the Song of Songs from the Bible or simply state your intentions out loud.

After the candle ritual is complete, prepare a bath and pour the remaining rose water into the bath. Again, state your intention, visualize it and accept it as if it is already happening. Sit back and let the magick work.




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Im sorry I really don’t like how the fragrances change and smell like cheaper products. Maybe someone else will like them I will re gift them for Christmas.

shawntae funk
Definitely ❤️

Just Kno I will be buying more 🤞🏼 forever until I eventually make my own ❤️💯🌹

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Awesome but works and Is very strong