Bound To Me Oil for Love Binding, Commitment, Fidelity & Persuasion

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Our Bound to Me Oil was created to aid in matters that concern commitment, fidelity and attachment. It is, without question, a love binding oil designed to bind a lover to you. We are aware some are uneasy when it comes to performing binding spells; however, these types of spells have been performed for centuries and are as old as magic itself. Our Bound to Me Oil can also be used simply for commitment and fidelity spells. The ingredients in this blend work perfectly to encourage relationships based on fidelity, loyalty, trust, open communication, and deep attachment. For a true binding ritual, Bound to Me Oil would work wonderfully with any type of knot magic, glamour spells or binding rituals. Our Bound to Me Oil includes an array of love related and binding herbs including honeysuckle, periwinkle, apple leaves, white willow bark, coriander and others. Bound to Me Oil comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Bound to Me Oil can be anointed on the body, dabbed onto jewelry, put in a bath or anointed on photographs. Place a drop or two where you target is sure to come into contact with it.  Anoint some on a yellow piece of fabric and place it under the mattress. You can also create a sachet by writing out the name of your target on a sage leaf. Place some cumin and celery on the sage leaf, take a 4-inch yellow piece of cloth and wrap it around it. Anoint this with a few drops of Bound To Me Oil. Keep this on you or in a hidden place where it will not be found.

To perform a binding spell, you will need blue string or thread (about 18 inches), parchment paper and pen, two pink candles (green ones would work as well), two photographs (one of you and one of your target), and if possible, any personal effects from your target, such as hair or nail clippings. Keep in mind, this spell begins during preparation and will last 3 days. Make sure you are in the right state of mind and that there will not be any interruptions.

To begin, write out your intention with a pen and paper. Anoint the paper with a few drops of Bound to Me Oil. Next, get your blue string and anoint it with a dab of oil and visualize yourself and your love interest.  With this vision in mind, take your string and tie one knot while reciting the following: “With this knot, I bind (name of person) to me.” Repeat this two more times so you will have a total of three knots. Place your string to the side for now. Next, get your two photographs, anoint them with a bit of oil and place them facing each other flat on the table. Your target should be placed face up and your photograph should be placed down directly on top of their photograph. If you do have some personal effects of your target such as hair, you may also place this directly between the two photographs. Then, take your written petition and place it directly over the two photographs. Get your two candles and anoint them with Bound to Me Oil drawing the oil from the bottom up toward the wick. Place one candle directly to the right of your petition and place the other directly left of your petition. When ready light each candle and recite the following, “I am bound to thee and thee to I, in love to be, I bind you to me.” As you do this, move each candle towards each other, stopping before they are directly next to one another. When you feel ready, extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer or smother the flame. The following night, light the candles, leaving them where they are, and repeat the incantation while moving them even closer to one another. Finally, on the third night, take your two candles and place them directly over the petition next to each other. Take your blue string and wrap it securely around both candles. Light both candles and recite the incantation. Allow the candles to completely burn down. When finished take your two photos and petition and place them in a hidden place. Should you wish to break the binding, these will have to be burned using a black candle.