How to Perform a Love Binding Spell

How to perform a Love Binding Spell 

A binding spell is a powerful spell which binds something or someone to you.  Very often, binding spells are used in matters of love.  A binding spell, when used as a love binding spell, harnesses magical powers which force your will upon another.  For these reasons we must cast love binding spells with respect and goodwill.  Do not force another to do something for which that person has no interest.  Rather, when casting a love binding spell, take care to involve only those who have a harmonious relationship with one another.    

Historically, very often these spells use a clay or wax doll to compel another.  We are not using a dolly in our love binding spell.  Instead, this spell uses candle magic to bind love.  You will need the following:

  • A red human figure candle (male or female, depending on the gender of your target. (you can use a red pillar candle if that is all you have)  
  • Bound to Me Oil or any type of love oil
  • A needle and blue thread
  • Matches

In the dark of the night, preferably on a Friday night with a waxing moon, get your red candle and write the name of the one you wish to bind.  To do this, you will use the needle to carve the name into the candle.  Start at the bottom of the candle and write upwards, toward the wick.

Now, in the same manner, carve your name (or the name of the person who seeks binding)  over the name of  the target.  Be sure to write your name (or the name of the person who seeks binding) clearly and directly on top of the target’s name.  Anoint the candle with some Bound to Me Oil. Begin the in the middle of the candle and pull the oil up toward the wick. Then going to the middle of the candle again, pull the oils down towards the candles base.

Next, thread the needle with the blue thread.  After the needle is threaded, prick the candle right where the heart would be.  Drive the needle through the heart and state, in a bold commanding voice:

Just as this candle burns, so shall the heart of  Name of Target,

His heart burns after me.  His Heart Shall Not Sleep. 

They shall turn to me until they so follow,

I, Your Name, with great love and affection.

After the needle and thread are driven through the heart, wrap the candle three time with the blue thread.  With each wrap tie a knot and say the following: 

First knot state, “In Heart” 

Second knot state, “In Mind”

Third knot state, “In Body”

Now light the candle.  Your binding ritual is completed.  


To Reverse The Love Binding Spell

Sometimes, however, what we ask for and what we get isn’t as great as we thought it would be.  If that is the case with this love binding spell, it can be reversed.  If there comes a time when the one binding no longer wishes to be bound, this spell can be undone.  You will need to do this with a brand new image candle. Carve their name into the candle just like you did in the first ritual. Then you take the needle and you pierce the candle through in the opposite direction. This time the candle will go into the “heart” backwards. Wind the thread around the candle run a counter clockwise direction. As you do this, state the following;

As the this candle burns, I release Name of Target. 

His/Her shall be free

In Heart, in Mind & in Body

Their ties to me are now released

Do not tie any knots. Allow the thread to loosely wrap around the candle. One the reversing spell is complete, discard of any remaing wax or thread.

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