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Black Iron Boline Athame 8" for Cutting Herbs, Carving Candles

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Introducing our Iron Athame Boline, an 8-inch ritual knife crafted for precision and durability. This Iron Athame Boline, with its robust iron blade, is an essential tool for any practitioner. Its sleek, ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for effortless use during your spiritual and magical practices.

What is an Athame Boline?

The iron boline is traditionally used for cutting herbs, carving candles, and inscribing symbols or sigils. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, while its sharp blade provides the accuracy needed for intricate tasks. Perfectly balanced and designed with both function and aesthetics in mind, this boline not only performs impeccably but also enhances the visual appeal of your altar setup.

How to Use our Iron Boline

In Wicca, the boline is used for various practical tasks associated with rituals and spell work. Here are some common ways to use a boline:

  1. Cutting Herbs and Plants: The boline is often used to harvest herbs and plants that are to be used in rituals, spells, or for creating magical items like incense or sachets. The act of cutting with the boline can also be done with intention, infusing the herbs with magical purpose.

  2. Carving Symbols and Sigils: The boline is ideal for carving symbols, sigils, or other magical markings into candles, wood, or other materials. This process can be part of spell work, with each symbol holding specific significance and power.

  3. Crafting and Preparing Ritual Items: The boline can be used to shape and prepare various ritual items, such as carving wands, shaping clay or wax figures, and even cutting cords or ribbons used in spell work.

  4. Drawing Circles and Marking Boundaries: In some traditions, the boline can be used to draw or mark the boundaries of a sacred space or circle, either in the earth or by drawing in the air.

  5. Engraving Magical Tools: The boline can be used to engrave or inscribe other magical tools with symbols, runes, or words of power, enhancing their magical properties.

  6. Food Preparation for Ritual Feasts: While the athame is typically used for symbolic actions, the boline can be used to prepare food and drink for ritual feasts, ensuring that all elements of the ritual are prepared with intention and care.

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