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Overflowing with the fragrance of fresh-cut flowers, our beautiful Attraction Intention Ritual Oil will help bring you all you desire and create a positive energy flow in your life.  We have designed this gorgeous and powerful Intention Oil for lovers of 100% pure, all-natural organic botanicals.  Loaded with flowers, herbs, natural fragrance oils and pure essential oils, our Attraction Intention Ritual Oil is a manifestation oil, helping draw all you wish into your life, as well as removing any blocks that may stand in your way.  Feeling stuck or discouraged?  Use Attraction Intention Oil to bring new and positive opportunities, whether it be regarding a job, home, relationship, experience or even overall abundance or good fortune – it is the perfect choice!  We have carefully selected botanicals known to have strong attracting qualities, such as bee balm, cinquefoil, bamboo leaves, jasmine, tulips and osmanthus flowers.  Attraction Intention Oil is made with organic fractionated coconut oil to carry the scents, is vegan, paraben free, contains no synthetic fragrances and comes in a 4-ounce glass bottle.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

We took great care in choosing the perfect ingredients for this blend. Osmanthus flowers are known to bring good fortune, prosperity and nobility.  In China, they are traditionally given to brides to ensure a happy and peaceful marriage.  In weddings they are used as a symbol of “true love.”

Tulips are traditionally known to symbolize prosperity and protection as well as used to ward off negativity.  When introduced to Europe in the 1500’s Tulips were so sought after that their bulbs were treated as a commodity.  In fact, there was such a high demand for these beautiful flowers, this period of time was referred to as “tulipmania.”

The Jasmine flower is renowned for drawing love.  Its scent is so enticing, it was once believed to be an aphrodisiac.  Revered for its ability to draw in money, possessions as well as love, a saying was developed, “A girl worthy of wearing jasmine wreath is rich enough to make her husband happy.”  Need we say more?

One simply needs to think of the “Lucky Buddha” to understand the magical qualities of bamboo. Bamboo is the sacred plant of India and is associated with the Buddha himself.  Bamboo is revered for its ability to bring luck and grant wishes.

Bee Balm works much like a magnet, it draws things in.  There is a reason they call it “Bee” balm, as bees never seem to get enough of it.  Bee Balm is also a healing plant and can be used for an array of intentions including, love, money and prosperity. 




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Body Oil Bliss

In love with this lightweight and nourishing oil. I love when my crafting and beauty regimen align!!…Literally “dripping in magic.”