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Attraction Spray is a powerful drawing and manifestation blend perfect for attracting new opportunities; a new relationship, money, job, home, and prosperity...anything you wish! It also helps clear your mind when you feel stuck, challenged, or blocked. It has the power to help open new doors and shift your current situation. It is an ideal spray to help you put your intentions into action. It comes in a 4 oz spray bottle. 

What does Attraction Spray do:

  • Draw to you anything you desire; love, money, success, prosperity.
  • Clear away negativity, blocks, and anything that clouds the mind.
  • Bring your manifestations to life.
  • Boost the power of other spells, rituals, and manifestations.
  • Brighten your mood.


What are the ingredients in Attraction Spray:

This particular blend includes five finger grass, a touch of cinnamon, bergamot, lovage root, frankincense, and a few other potent attraction herbs and oils.


How to use Attraction Spray:

There are countless ways you can use our Attraction Spray. It can be used on the body as well as used as a room spray. It has a marvelous uplifting scent by the way! In fact, it includes herbs and oils that are known to lift one's mood. It can also be sprayed on important documents, on one's altar or magical tools. Spray a bit on your front door to draw new things into your life. Spray it on job or loan applications. Spray some in the heel of your shoes before you go out and about. Spray some on a dollar bill and keep it in your wallet. Spray some on your desk at work if you are looking for advancement or acknowledgment. Wear some on a first date or to social events. Really, it can be used for almost anything... don't be afraid to get creative!


Base Ingredients: Purified water, disodium edta, polysorbate-20, DMDM hydantoin and benzophenone-4 Citrus sinensis (orange), Boswellia carterii (Frankincense), Citrus limon (lemon), Fragrance, Herb Infused Olive Oil.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. A skin test is recommended prior to wearing. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.  


Customer Reviews

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deondra guy
Nice smell

Would buy again, I haven't don't any manifesting rituals with it yet but I do feel my mood lifts when I spray it

Great product-nice scents

It smells very nice I can see and feel a great tender texture. So far waiting for the results and outcome .thank you Greta product

Slowly things are changing

Since buying the Attraction spray I feel more things that I have been manifesting are starting to come true. I have been suffering in the dark for over a year. All of a sudden small changes have made me feel so much better since using the spray.

joseph pitts
Attraction spray ,for money,love,etc...

it lives up to its name, i have had a interesting bit of luck lately, i recently while putting oil in my old truck I lost on cap(while a few days i put oil in i must have forgot to put the cap back on, when i was in town) feeling down i was going out to get a replacement cap at the auto store,and just for a joke, I sprayed some attractant spray on myself and said maybe I find my oil filler cap somewhere, while I was driving down the road a looked down and saw something that resembled a cap i slowed down and parked alongside the road which i frequently traveled, and said to myself" this could not possibly be my oil cap, when I checked under the hood, I pulled out an old sponge I tucked into the oil cover slot,(until I got to the auto parts store which v is where I was going) when low and behold,the cap I found screwed directly into the valve cover oil slot,and it seemed to be the very cap I lost,(as not just any cap would fit my old truck, so a miracle definitely happen since using your spray, as also the day i received it from the post office, I went to town to do some grocery shopping,( as I am only one person, and I think I only had 10.00$ to 15.oo$ at the time,while going out of the market going to my old truck , I saw a little money on the ground, as there was nobody around me where I parked, I did not know what to think,( and could not return it to whoever left it, and i i assume that somebody must have dropped it an accidentally drove off, as when i pulled into the parking space there were other cars around,in my area, but when I came out of the market,, there were no cars around. So I considered it found change,( it was not much, but it was just enough to make it to work, the next day, so this is full proof that the attraction spray works. ( at least, so far, I am owed some money from the irs for a stimulas package from a while back, i am going to spray some on some letters I previous sent to them, I am going to purchase more of your very very wounderfull products, and can say these circumstances really happened to me , I would recommend your products highly to anyone who thinks the impossible can't happen, sincerly, joe v. P. Rating 5 stars plus, excellant

Mae December
Um. This worked!

I'm a courtesan and it's a slow season. I went for like 10 days no bookings. Got my oil and spray for attraction from you guys and the same day I booked 2 parties! Yay! Can't wait to have it for a whole tour in may!