Crown of Success Bath Wash for Success, Prosperity, Victory & Good Luck

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Our Crown Of Success Bath Wash has all the same ingredients that's in our Crown of SUccess Oil and Body Lotion. It’s an old time Hoodoo blend designed to increase one's chance for new opportunities and favorable circumstances. If your seeking a raise, a new relationship, a new job or landing an interview, then Crown of Success may be your answer. Known to help the wearer obtain their goals and desires, Crown of Success can remove obstacles, blocks and challenges. If you find yourself in a competitive situation, Crown of Success can give you the winning advantage. It has a fantastic scent and includes orange, frankincense, bay, vetivert and a couple other success related herbs, resins and oil. It comes in a 4 oz plastic bottle.


Crown of Success Bath Wash certainly can be used as a general bath wash or it can be used as a rich and lavish bath soak. We recommend using it before attending an event where you may want to shine out against the rest. Bathe in it before going on job interviews, when you look for a new apartment, before you go on a blind date or before you handle important papers such as school applications and loan applications. Mix a little in a bucket of warm water and use it as a floor wash. Remember to wash down your front door and the sidewalk leading into your home.


If you would like to perform a true spiritual bath mix a little Crown of Success Bath Wash into a bucket of warm water. Add a teaspoon of Epsom salt or Seas Salt. Start to pour it on yourself beginning at your feet and working upwards towards your head. It is best to do this at sunrise. While you are doing this, you can think about your desires and goals coming towards you. You may also want to read Psalms 23 or 118. After you are finished, you can get rid of the water in your backyard by taking it to a crossroads. While you are performing a spiritual bath you may want place two small gold, yellow or white candles at each side of a bathtub. Just make sure you put each candle on side of the bath when you step into the tub. It is also recommended that you air dry.


Base Ingredients: Deionized Water, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropy Betaine, Cellulose, Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Citric Acid, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate, Sodium Chloride, Methyl Paraben.

Plus our own Crown of Success Oil blend that includes herbs, essential oils and fragrance oils.


Sold as a Curio. For External Use Only.