Good Fortune Oil for Blessings, Prosperity & Luck

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Our Good Fortune Oil harnesses the power of the abundant earth to draw prosperity, luck, blessings, and wellness. It is an all-purpose blend known for making wishes come true, bringing blessings, and creating a state of well-being. Use it while pursuing prosperity, abundance, and the manifestation of one’s goals and desires. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does Good Fortune Oil do:

  • Bring luck, prosperity, and blessings.
  • Use the power and energy of the earth to help manifest goals and desires.
  • Create an environment that stimulates a state of well-being. 
  • Promote abundance; whether it be a new home, job, relationship, healing, blessings, or regarding family.


What are the ingredients in Good Fortune Oil:

We blend rose, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla other abundant herbs, resins, and oils.


How to use Good Fortune Oil:

Our Good Fortune Oil can be worn on the body, anointed on jewelry, or dabbed into a bath. Anoint it on some cash and leave it in your wallet. Rub some on your front door to draw good fortune into the home. Anoint some on important documents such as job applications, bank statements, or credit card balances. Place a few drops in your favorite potpourri to leave in the center of your home. Anoint some on your altar, vision boards, or photographs. Use some as an offering to your favorite saint or deity. Put a few drops in the heel of your shoes or simply anoint some while you visualize.


How to use Good Fortune Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

To perform a Good Fortune ritual we recommend getting a green and yellow taper candle. You will also need a small white votive candle.  On a piece of paper write out your name and your intentions. Then, take your tea light and use one finger to anoint some Good Fortune Oil onto the top of the candle in a clockwise direction around the wick. Place the tea light in an appropriate holder. Next,  place the tea light directly over your petition. Then, anoint the two taper candles by drawing the oil up the candles from their bases to the wicks. Place these in appropriate candle holders. You are going to want to place one taper candle to the right of the tea light and the other to the left. When ready light all three candles, focus on your intentions and say a prayer or meaningful words of your own. You can also simply recite psalm 23.




Sold as a curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Good Fortune Oil for Blessings, Prosperity & Luck

Beth H.
smells wonderful!!

I wear the oils on my hair ties. chose this one for money, etc. luck and also for ingrediants that were benifit for first 3 chakras. bold yet soft scent with vanilla-rose main tone over subtle patchouli and sandlewood. subtle posative changes have occured. boosts my mood. have used with Money Drawing oil this moon cycle...waiting to see what happens.
as, friendly service.

Michele M.
No joke…

These oils work! Use sparingly, and with good intention. They are very potent. So glad I discovered Art of the Root. I’ll be ordering more soon!

Roni Jovel

Amazing given energy