Crown of Success 7 Day Soy Candle for Prosperity, Success & Achievement

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Our Crown of Success 7 Day Soy Candle is fantastic for manifesting success in your endeavors and aspirations. Use it for new love, your career, interviews, house hunting, promotions, auditions. It helps you focus your intentions to manifest your dreams and goals. It also aids in breaking down barriers that stand in your way of achieving your objectives. Best of all, there is no need to add anything to our candles; they are loaded with all the right herbs and oils. It is made with all-natural soy wax and comes in a 16 oz. glass container.

What does our Crown of Success 7 Day Soy Candle do:

  • Eliminate blocks, barriers, and setbacks that prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • Draw prosperity, abundance, and success to any aspect of your life.
  • Hone focus and visualizations to manifest intentions.
  • Aids in a clear mindset to dispel doubts and negativity which hamper success.
  • Inspire optimism and objectivity to open new opportunities and pathways.

What are the ingredients in our Crown of Success 7 Day Soy Candle:

It includes vetiver, orange, bay, High John root, along with a number of other success-related oils and herbs. 


How to use our Crown of Success 7 Day Soy Candle in a spell or ritual:

To perform a Crown of Success spell or ritual, write down your petition on a piece of parchment paper or brown paper bag. Then fold the paper in half, folding the paper towards you with the crease away. Then turn it 90 degrees and fold it in half again. Make sure it is well folded and get it as flat as you can. Then place your Crown of Success Candle on a plate. Place the plate directly over your petition. When ready, light it and say a prayer or read Psalm 23. 




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing and it works!

Burned this for week, and it worked! I didn’t burn it continuously, but for a few hours each day and have over half of it left. The candle burnes nice and clean and smells great. The Crown if success candles so what they are meant to do every time!

A Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you so very much for not only getting the candles to me quickly and safely, but for the first in a long time your candles burned totally, clear and completely. So I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to purchases more next month, if GOD allows.

William Woods
Crown of Success 7 Day Soy Candle

Excellent levels of prosperity, success, & achievement always obtained whenever burning this candle!

John willis
customer service is so excellent

I answer my question quickly and help me with my problem. you do not get service like this anymore. Love the people and product.

Didn’t Work

Unfortunately the candle didn’t work for me. I’ve never experienced this before.