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Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend with Lavender, Chamomile, Ho Wood, Sandalwood & Blue Tansy Essential Oils

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We designed our Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend with you in mind, as there are very few of us who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep! Of course, the benefits of a better night’s sleep are not only feeling less tired, but also sharper mental clarity, improved mood, relationships, productivity, performance at work, and more quality time to do the things you love. Best of all, our Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend is all-natural, with no harmful ingredients.

Our Sleep Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend contains some of the most calming essential oils used in aromatherapy, such as lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, ho wood, and blue tansy. It was designed to help you relax, fall asleep peacefully and experience restful sleep. Prepare to calm your body and mind the natural way, with our Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend. Made with the highest quality essential oils, it comes in a 10 ml euro dropper. We add no carrier oils to our Essential Oil Blends so we urge you to take the right precautions and either use with care or add a carrier oil.

What does Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend do:

  • Inspire a calm, tranquil, peaceful feeling and state of mind.
  • Promote relaxation, ease of falling asleep, and sound, restful sleep. 
  • Remove blocks, racing thoughts, or mental intrusions preventing you from sleeping or falling asleep. 


What are the ingredients in Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend:

Lavender Essential Oil, which is extracted from only the flowers, is well known in aromatherapy for improving the quality of sleep and increasing the amount of time spent in deep, REM sleep. The word lavender is Latin meaning “to wash,” which originated from the Roman custom of using lavender in the bath to soothe and relax. In Austria, mothers would put lavender in cradles to help their babies sleep. 

In Oriental Medicine, Sandalwood Essential Oil is used for its cool, calming effects to help quell hot emotional states. In Asia, it was burned as incense in Buddhist and Hindu temples to help bring inner unity, peace, and stillness. Yogis use it frequently to help promote a meditative state. It has also been shown to decrease wakefulness and promote deep sleep. 

Chamomile Essential Oil is well-known in aromatherapy and is considered a Wood Element in Oriental Medicine. It is specifically known for its ability to relieve build-ups of tension and stress in the Solar Plexus. This tension causes increased emotional needs and if they are not met, we become irritable – this is where chamomile steps in to help reduce this specific type of irritability. Chamomile is also known to help quell anxiety and depression, calm nerves, and even reduce nightmares. 

Blue Tansy is widely used in aromatherapy to help calm and relieve tension and stress; which is why we add the Essential Oil of this lovely flower to our Sleep Aid Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend. 

Ho Wood Essential Oil is touted in aromatherapy for its sedating effects and ability to reduce depression, sadness, and tension. It has a pleasing, earthy scent that helps you drift off to sleep.


How to use Sweet Sleep Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend:


Massage (make sure to use a carrier oil, approximately 1 drop of oil per teaspoon of carrier oil)

In the bath

Add to lotion

As a compress (add a few drops to boiled water, soak cloth in it and apply to affected areas)

Steam inhalation




This product is not intended to be used by those who are pregnant. It also can cause photosensitivity, so avoid applying it directly to the skin. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure illnesses or diseases nor is it intended to be used in order to replace appropriate medical attention and/or treatment. Keep out of reach of small children.  For external use only. All Art of the Root Products are handmade daily in the USA. 

Customer Reviews

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Rosario Zazueta
Love it

I love this sweet sleep essential oil helps my son calm down and sleep his always go go go

I love this essential oil!

These products are amazing. I love them all. Including the sleep essential oil I just bought.

Thank you!

Claudia Avelino
Love the quality

I have used a few conjuring oils and lotions. I love all the products!


This product really works with my sleep. I use it in my diffuser every night.

Zubaydah Jones

Haven't used them yet!!!