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Break Up / Separation Oil

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Break Up/ Separation Oil is an old Hoodoo blend known to create strife, conflict, and discord in order to cause a separation. Most commonly used for love relationships, it can also be used to dissemble business partnerships, institutional organizations, platonic friendships, and other relationships as well.  It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Break Up/ Separation Oil do?

  • Inspire turmoil, conflict, and tension in relationships to cause them to dissolve.
  • Create an unfavorable environment for targeted relationships.
  • Work to end partnerships or unions in business, friendship, institutions, and romantic relationships. 

What are the ingredients in Break Up/ Separation Oil?

This blend contains a variety of peppers, lemon peel, a dash of vinegar, and several other secret ingredients renowned for their strong separation properties. As it is a potent recipe, it requires careful handling and use. 

One word of caution to those intending to use this product. If you planning on using this to disunite a couple, I strongly recommend taking the Highest Good of All Parties into account during any petitions for separation. In other words, state this in your petition to make it is known that you are not trying to harm anyone; just end their union. This will prevent you from becoming distressed or obsessed by your efforts as well, as such an outcome would not benefit anyone! 

How to use Break Up/ Separation Oil:

There are several ways to use Break Up/ Separation Oil. Get a tray and fill it with vinegar, red peppers, and our Separation/ Break Up Oil. On a piece of paper, write the name of those you wish to separate. Put it in the tray so it is completely submerged in the mixture. Leave it there for 9 days. When you are done, you can either take it to a river or leave it at a crossroads. Of course, you can also put a little oil in areas where the couple will step over or on, like an entrance or near their car. 

How to Use Break Up/ Separation Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

To perform a Break Up spell or ritual, get a white candle and anoint it with Break Up/ Separation Oil, pushing the oil down and away from you towards the bottom of the candle. Get a piece of parchment paper or brown paper bag, and write the name of the person you desire. Turn the paper 90 degrees. Now write the name of the person you would like to separate from your desired interest. Do this three times. You will see both names crossing each other. Now, write your own name three times over top while stating your intention. I recommend adding a statement such as, “for all parties' highest good.” Sometimes, karma can come into play and this approach keeps you from suffering any consequences. Make sure you put the candle in an appropriate holder. Now place it over your petition and light the candle. When the candle burns out, take all the remains and leave them at a crossroads.

Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Sharyn Rosa
Great oils

Very good it does what it supposed to do.but when the third party is strong it takes a alot of magic to do and work on .


Thank you for the bonus cut and clear

Amy C
New favorite

I use this to break up and separate from the past, negative thinking & toxic behavior patterns & I adore it.

Amanda Marks
Love the oils

I been shopping here for a while and each oil is amazing 10/10 always will recommend and come

Marisel Gonzalez

Break Up / Separation Oil