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Be My B*tch Oil For Control, Influence & Dominance

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If you are forced to deal with a chauvinistic, insensitive, controlling, or domineering man, Be My B*tch Oil is what you need. It is perfect for turning the tables and forcing a man to submit, showing him he is not in charge. Use it for an aggravating ex, a man who is overstepping his boundaries, an insensitive lover, a degrading boss, even a family member who loves to criticize and judge. Don’t be mistaken, it isn't for women to control women; it is for women to be empowered when any man treats her unfairly or attempts to push or keep her down. It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Be My B*tch Oil do:

  • Give power back to women in a situation where a man or men are trying to take control.
  • Boost self-esteem, confidence, and courage when faced with adversity. 
  • Let men know they've crossed a line and they need to be more respectful and submissive.
  • Promote dominance in women so they can influence men or situations involving a controlling or judgemental man.


What are the ingredients in Be My B*tch Oil:

We blend powerful herbs, oils, and resins including powdered galangal, calamus, bergamot, ginger, and vanilla.


How to use Be My B*tch Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

To perform a Be My B*tch empowerment ritual you will need Be My B*tch Oil, dirt from the bottom of your shoe; preferably after walking in the path where your target walked, dried rosemary, one purple candle, and a picture of your target. Take the picture of your target and put it face down on a table or altar. If you do not have a picture of your target, you can write his name on a piece of paper and place this face down as you would a picture. Then, write your target's name on the back of the picture or piece of paper and write your name three times right over top of his (three lines, one under the other horizontally). Then, take the dirt, add some rosemary and sprinkle this on top (on the back) of the picture or piece of paper. This is to represent your boot or shoe being on his back, holding him down into submission. Next, get your purple candle and dress the candle, pulling the oil up from the bottom of the candle, toward you. Then, take the candle and put it in a candle holder or on a fire-safe plate. Set the plate on top of the dirt and rosemary and light the candle. You may say Psalm 12 or recite the following:

“Allow me to be empowered to defend myself against those who work to control me. 

You no longer have the power to cause me to be subordinate.

Go back to where you came and cease to bring me further harm -  I will not allow it.”

If you choose to perform this as a 9-day ritual, repeat the above ritual every evening at the same time for 9 days in a row. Burn the candle 10-20 minutes each night (determining the time by the size of the candle). Smother it or snuff it out on days 1-8 (do not blow it out, as you do not want your intentions to blow away). On the 9th day, allow the candle to burn all the way out. Take your ritual remnants and bury them in a healthy potted plant inside your home. 




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Graciela Marin

The oils work great thank you

Nancy Rosado

Be My B*tch Oil For Control, Influence & Dominance


Nice oil

Ms. Witch
Be My B**** for dominance and control

I bought the Be My B**** for dominance and control. I saw a noticeable difference in my boss's demeanor toward me. I gave my notice at work and he offered to write a letter of recommendation to my new employer. This comes from a person who I didn't think even liked me. He took it well and I think it was all because of this oil. It's magical.

This oil and the rest of the oils do work!

Specifically speaking, this oil and the “as you please oil “ are two of my favorite oils. I love them all and each work in different ways and I love using them all. I’ve been having some difficulties at work and these both have worked best. I used this oil with good fortune and quick cash one day while I was off of both of my jobs and went for a walk and stopped at a gas station. The cashier was literally so rude and inappropriate towards me. She even talked about me with another customer behind me. I wasn’t bothered by her behavior towards me because, I understand she may be on her path to growth., I purchased two lottery tickets and won 50.00 on the first ticket and 523.00 on the second ticket. I walked 5 minutes while scratching my first ticket and realized I’d won and went back to the gas station and the cashier and the man were still talking. I waited patiently in line and she asked sarcastically,” mam, what do you need?!”, I said, I am waiting in line to cash my ticket. She asked,” how much was it?!” I said, 50.00 for the first ticket so far. She continued to huff and have an attitude towards me. She said, damn it! You would be someone like you to win while the rest of us are just having to struggle and work! I didn’t say anything. the man started laughing and then stared at me while the cashier cashed my ticket. I said, Thank you. I started to walk home again and made it half way home which was 5 minutes and I’d realized I won 523.00. I walked back to the gas station and they were still talking. The cashier then banged on the counter with her fist and yelled “ damn, how much f is this one for?!” I said,” 523.00. She said,” this ain’t no damn coincidence you keep winning on every damn ticket you always buy.” I started to say, “ I don’t always win but she kept yelling.
negative comments towards herself, towards the store, towards general customers, having awfully rude and inappropriate expressions on her face. I just waited to cash my second ticket and then walked to Walgreens and sent some of the money to my son and 25.00 to my mom. What bothers me is Most people don’t even realize what they are blessed with and take it for granted. She complained about spending Christmas with her family because, they talk loud and get on her d nerves etc.. time alone is more priceless than some see and realize.