King Midas Oil for Riches, Wealth. Money, Abundance & Prosperity

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The goal of our King Midas Oil is to multiply your finances and create abundant riches! Use this oil in your wealth related rituals in order to manifest copious amounts of valuable possessions or money. According to Greek mythology, King Midas was celebrated for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This power came to be called the “golden touch”, or the “Midas touch”. Along with a beautiful golden sparkle, our King Midas Oil contains herbs and oils related to wealth manifestation. We use buckwheat, goldenrod, jasmine, patchouli and other herbs and oils associated with the golden King! The oil comes in a 1⁄2 oz glass bottle, and it looks as beautiful as it smells.

An obvious and traditional way to use King Midas Oil is to simply anoint some money and carry it in your wallet. Another magick money maker is a Buckeye. If you can find a Buckeye, anoint it and carry it with you. Because this oil smells
outrageously good, you will want to dab some on your skin, put it in a bath, or just put a few drops on your hands when meeting new business associates. Signing any important papers? Anoint them with this oil. Just a drop will do, put this oil on your loan applications, job applications or business cards.

For a candle spell, first look for an image that represents your goals. I like to print out a single word like “wealth,” “prosperity” or “abundance”. You can also stick with an image such as gold coins, dollar bills or even your bank statement. Next, you are going to write your name directly on the paper. Stick the paper in a bottle and leave it outside during the first 3 days of a new moon. In the meantime, get a gold or yellow candle and carve your name into it. When your image or symbol is ready, anoint it with a couple drops of King Midas Oil. You will also need to anoint your candle. Draw the oil up the candle towards the wick. Get an appropriate candle holder and place the candle in it. Take your candle (in its candle holder) and place it directly on top of your symbol.image. When ready light the candle and recite a prayer of your choice or simply recite Psalm 23.