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Black Cat Oil | Luck & Protection

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Black Cat Oil - For luck, repelling negative energy and dodging curses 

Ahh, the magic of Black Cats.  Cats, which were once worshipped as Gods.  Even though the Catholic Church, in about the 13th century, began to associate Black Cats with the devil, we witches have always known that Black Cats bring us luck.  Our Black Cat Oil can turn bad luck into good & turns negative energies around and directs that negativity back to the sender.  Comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.  

What does Black Cat Oil do: 

  • Brings good luck when called upon to do so. 

  • Aids in gambler’s luck. 

  • Reverses bad into good. 

  • Helps you to avoid the evil eye. 

 What are the Ingredients in Black Cat Oil: 

It is made with Devil’s Shoestring, Ginger, Patchouli, Wormwood, Irish Moss, Dragon’s Blood and other potent herbs. 

How to use Black Cat Oil in a Spell or Ritual: 

To enhance your luck drawing power, and to stealthy avoid negativity, use a few drops of our Black Cat Oil on your mojo bag, in your wallet, or anoint your jewelry.   

Create a luck drawing charm with a small bell, like the one used on cat collars, Black Cat Oil, and herbs.  On the eve of the beginning of a New Moon, place the cat collar bell on a plate in the New Moon Light.  Surround the bell with cinnamon, cloves and chamomile, then gently anoint the bell with a few drops of Black Cat Oil.   

On the 1st night, after the bell is anointed, ring the bell 1 time and chant: 

I say “Farewell” to all bad luck with the sound of this bell. My Black Cat brings me luck and all the         bad goes to hell.  

On the 2nd night, anoint the bell, ring it 2 times and recite the chant 2 times. 

On the 3rd  night, anoint the bell, ring it 3 times and recite the chant 3 times.  

On the morning of the 4th night, scatter the cinnamon, cloves and chamomile around your front door and attach the bell to the door.  (Use a string and tie the bell to the door handle or knocker).  Now, on every Thursday evening thereafter, anoint the bell, recite the chant, and light a small white candle. 

Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. 

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Dee Williams

Black Cat Oil | Luck & Protection

Vivienne Pommells

I am trying, will see. Thank

Works for me

All the oils I have bought are the best and highly recommended.

karen wrenn

Have to wear more often and I have to charge them in the sun, this force of nature oil is not as powerful as last bottle I got

The sweet enticing smell

I lobe the smell of these oil it reminds me of red roses