Uncrossing & Protection 3 Spell Kit For Curses, Hexes, Jinxes & Protection

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Remove bad energy and protect yourself from malicious intentions with our Uncrossing & Protection 3 Spell Kit. For those of you who wish to remove negative energy, cleanse yourself of bad intentions and create a protective shield, this is the perfect kit. We've included some of our favorite products including 3 Conjure Oils (Uncrossing, Reversing & Fiery Wall of Protection), 3 black chime candles, Uncrossing Bath Salts, Uncrossing Incense with charcoal discs, black salt, sand, a smoky quartz crystal and angelica root in a red mojo bag, and parchment paper. We've also included 3 powerful spells; The Circle of Protection, a Reversing Spell, and an Uncrossing Bath Ritual. 

What does our Uncrossing & Protection 3 Spell Kit do:

  • Block any negative or unwanted energy or malicious intents sent your way and return them back to the sender.
  • Reverse curses, hexes, jinxes, and spells.
  • Cleanse yourself and space of bad energy and negative thoughts or feelings weighing you down.
  • Create a protective barrier and shield around people, spaces, and situations.


What are the ingredients in our Uncrossing & Protection 3 Spell Kit:

Uncrossing Oil includes peppermint, hyssop, myrrh, and a number of other protective and uncrossing herbs and essential oils.

Reversing Oil is made with nettle, lemon, mullein, pennyroyal, crab shell powder, black salt, and other potent herbs and oils.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil includes cinnamon, rue, salt, black pepper, dragon's blood, and many other protection-related herbs and oils. 




Sold as a Curio. For external Use Only. Keep Away from Children and Pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Must purchase!

My package arrived so beautifully wrapped and perfect. It’s everything you need to protect yourself and loved ones from outside forces beyond your control. Will definitely purchase again.

uncrossing oil

uncrossing is one of my fav oils of all time. i swear it changed my life


Everything was OK to me everything was I appreciate every effort you guys made possible for me to get those things fast only one thing I would like to know which day you can do you spell that’s only thing I need from you guys thank you

Renae Becker
Art of the Root, Ltd.

This company is amazing. I love their products! Their oils are fantastic and smell amazing and are so easy to work with. Their Spell kits come so beautifully bundled and are a dream to utilize and work with. No scrambling around looking for components for spell work. All the basics are right there at your fingertips in one convenient location. Bravo!!