Root Chakra Soy Candle with Red Jasper & Garnet Crystals, Herbs & Essential OIls - Art of the Root

Root Chakra Soy Candle with Red Jasper & Garnet Crystals, Herbs & Essential OIls

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  • Herbs & essential oils infused
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We designed our Root Chakra Candle to help clear the path for you to move forward in your life, to become grounded and secure in order to handle anything you may encounter. We have combined soy wax with herbs, crystals, and oils; each specifically chosen to help you meet your basic needs in life.

What does your Root Chakra do:

The root chakra is the first of the chakras and gives energy to all other chakras, so if your root chakra is blocked or unbalanced, chances are it will affect the others. The root chakra is associated with the earth element and helps you feel grounded, secure, and balanced with yourself and the world around you. It helps you have healthy relationships with your family and friends. If it is out of balance or blocked, you may feel anxious, insecure, or depressed.


What are the ingredients in Root Chakra Soy Candle:

Your root chakra is first ruled by your sense of smell, which is why for our Root Chakra Candle, we have added robust scents that are bold and deep. The herbs we have carefully chosen for our Root Chakra Candle are: Angelica; known for regulating your digestive system, helping with anxiety, and curbing insomnia. Rosehips, which aid in circulation and boosts your immune system to make you feel energized. Lavender, which helps ease anxiety and stress and helps regulate your endocrine system and hormones. Dandelion, to help lower cholesterol, fight inflammation, lower your blood pressure and help you feel your best.

We didn’t stop there…we have topped our Root Chakra Candles with red jasper, an earth element, revered for its protective and pain relief properties to allow you to feel free to thrive. We paired this with garnet, which has elements to boost energy and vigor and regulate your heart and blood flow, which are vital to your basic needs of life and tied directly to your root chakra. Our Root Chakra Candle is a gorgeous, rich red; the color of life, and known to focus your energy and attention outward and forward to allow you to flourish. Re-center and bring yourself back to the earth so you can blaze your own trail with confidence and purpose. Embrace all our Root Chakra Candle has to offer and remember you are a gift to this world!




Sold as a Curio. Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Taylor Morgan
Chakra Candles

Candle Wax - white substance on top, Delivered Oil(s) had Melted, leaked- Label, etc., stained

Mary Hobbs

Root Chakra Soy Candle with Red Jasper & Garnet Crystals, Herbs & Essential OIls

Michael Bull
New Traditions

My partner and I purchased all seven so we could start our own late December tradition and these are quality candles. Packaging could have been better as one of the lids was bent and there was a hairline crack in the glass of that candle on arrival. The smells are beautiful and fresh, but they do not fill the room with much scent (probably because they aren’t full of artificial scent agents) but overall, we are satisfied and look forward to pulling them out next December.

Heather B

Love it

I love these candles

I’ve been ordering from Art of The Root for the last few years, and I’ve always been satisfied. They are pre dressed which definitely helps to your intentions and manifest your desires. I have had great results with these candles!