Rich Bitch Oil for Wealth, Riches & Prosperity

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Flaunt it because you’ve got it, ladies! Our Rich Bitch Oil was designed to help you obtain all those luxury items you've had your eye on. You deserve the finest things life has to offer – fancy jewelry, friends, cars, vacations, clothes; you name it and our Rich Bitch Oil can help bring you all those riches and more! Rich Bitch is an Art of the Root original and is a lavish addition to our Bitch Oils; the collection would not be complete without it! Turn heads, be the object of envy, be proud of who you are and what you love – be big, bold, and beautiful with our Rich Bitch Oil! Each oil comes in a ½ oz glass bottle. 

What Does Rich Bitch Oil Do:

  • Attract wealth and riches
  • Give you the confidence to be proud of what you have
  • Make you the envy of others
  • Draw success and luxury


What are the Ingredients in Rich Bitch Oil:

This extravagant oil is loaded with herbs, oils, and resins known to be used by high society and for attracting wealth and luxury. Famous for their indulgent and opulent properties, we blend hollyhock, honeysuckle, red clover, and golden seal, with jasmine and many more. 


How to use Rich Bitch Oil:

Rich Bitch Oil can be anointed on talismans, coins, or even your favorite piece of jewelry. Add a couple of drops to a bath or simply place a few drops in the heel of your shoe. Cut out pictures of all the items you desire and anoint them with some Rich Bitch Oil and place them in your wallet or purse. Place a few drops on a photograph of yourself and put it in a glitzy frame. Anoint a few drops on a dollar bill or silver dime and carry it in your pocket. Anoint your door keys and rub some on your front door. Add a few drops to a gallon of warm water and wash down your floors and furniture. Simmer some fresh orange peel and bay leaves in 2 cups of water. When it cools, add 10 drops of Rich Bitch Oil. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray throughout the home. 


How to use Rich Bitch Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

We suggest performing a Rich Bitch Spell on a New Moon.

You will need the following items:

A yellow or gold candle

Gold glitter 

Ginger root, Bay leaves, Orange peel

A 2 x 2 piece of yellow or gold cloth

Gold or yellow string

A small piece of paper to write out your intentions

Carve your name directly into your candle. Anoint the candle with Rich Bitch Oil by drawing the oil up from the middle of the candle to the top. Next, write out your petition on a piece of paper and then write your name directly over it three times, each time below the other. Fold the paper three times; folding it towards you, so the crease is facing away. Lay the paper flat on the table and set a fire-proof plate on top of it. Place your candle in a candle holder and place it in the middle of the plate. Arrange the ginger, orange peel, and bay around the candle on the plate and sprinkle with the glitter. When ready, light the candle, and you may either state your own intention prayer, read psalm 118 or recite the following:

By night In a New Moon’s light

By land and sea

Moon and sun

By air, earth, fire and water

All goodness and riches, prosperity to come.

As above, so below, so may it be.

After the ritual is complete, take a pinch of the herb and glitter mixture and place it directly in the middle of the piece of cloth. Fold all the corners to the middle and tie it with the gold or yellow string. Keep this in your wallet, purse or pocket and anoint it every Thursday with a drop or two of Rich Bitch Oil. Take the remains of your spell (candle, herbs) and leave them at a crossroads.




Sold as a curio. For external use only. Keep away from pets and children.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.





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Sweets Reyes
Yes and Yes again!!!!

I am never disappointed Everytime I purchase from art of the root ! And no matter what oil or item I purchase it always arrives right before or after a new or full moon ! If you haven’t yet Get you some ART OF THE ROOT BABY NOW!!!

Rashidah Johnson

Rich Bitch Oil for Wealth, Riches & Prosperity

Creative Lately
Love it!

Second purchase, maybe 3rd. I love this oil!

Felica Hill

I love the smell of the incense nothing special happened yet but I'll keep using it I love my oils just waiting for it to work

Giving it a shot

This is my first time using this oil. I will let you know how it goes. It smells rich. I think it has changed my attitude so far. I want to see how money will come in with this oil.