Prosperity Reed Diffuser For Abundance, Success, Luck, Wealth & Good Fortune

Brand: Art of the Root

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Our Prosperity Reed Diffuser was created to help manifest abundance, good fortune and success. Made with the same blend featured in our Prosperity Affirmation Candle, it contains our favorite prosperity related essential oils such as bergamot, bay and mandarin. For those of you who wish to break through obstacles, boost confidence, and increase your financial well-being, our Prosperity Reed Diffuser may be exactly what your looking for

If you are a fan of our scents and want to, literally, add a bit of magic to your home décor, our Reed Diffusers are the perfect solution. Forget the fire hazard of burning candle and the overwhelming smells of cheap room sprays and plug-in deodorizers. We have combined just the right amount of fragrance and essential oil to make sure each diffuser has real magical properties. Plus, we added a small bag of herbs that can enhance the intentions of our diffusers. Leave them on your bottle, or use them in your favorite ritual. We love to sprinkle them around the bottles and place them on our altars. Our Prosperity Reed Diffuser comes in a 4 oz bottle and will last for approximately 60-90 days. Whenever you desire a burst of aroma, simply flip the sticks for added fragrance.