Our Lady of Guadalupe Oil For Favors, Blessings, Love & Protection

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Oil is the ideal blend for those who wish to invoke the mercy, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and protection of the Great Mother Mary. She is perfect to petition when seeking blessings of any kind, healing, love, children and protection. For an offering, I suggest leaving her fresh flowers, a bowl of rosewater and some money that you will then donate to a charity in her name. If you wish to burn incense, use either Copal resin. or Church incense. Our Lady of Guadalupe Oil includes Rose, Orange, Carnation and Copal and a couple other key ingredients. It comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Oil can be worn, dabbed on relics, amulets or talismans, put in the bath, anointed on important documents, rubbed onto statues or crosses, rubbed onto the door, rosary beads or even placed in a diffuser. Where some while traveling or dab some on when you simply may be experience anxiety or fear. You may also anoint some on a cotton ball and carry it in your purse or wallet. Another popular technique is to wash you doors down with some oil or place a bit of oil in a bowl with fresh red flowers and a touch of water and then place it by your front door or near your bed.

To perform a true offering, I suggest working with either a 7 day Lady of Guadalupe devotional candle or a 7 day glass encased white or pink candle. Create a simple altar by printing out an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You may choose to frame this or add a bit of gold glitter around the her image. Get some fresh roses and cut off the thorns. Place them in water. If you have any Florida water or rose water fill a bit up in a small white bowl. A floral perfume could also be used instead. Simply spray around the altar and image. You may wish to leave any pocket change you have lying around. You will want to give this away to either a charity or to a person in need as soon as you complete the ritual. Next, take your glass encased candle and poke four holes into the top with a chopstick or screwdriver. Pour a little Lady of Guadalupe Oil into each hole. Don't over do it. You may also add a couple drops to the top of the candle. When you are ready light the candle with a wooden matchstick. You can then ask petition Our Lady of Guadalupe or may say a prayer like the following:

I come to you, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to hear my request for help. State your request. If this should be the true will and intention of my Lord. I thank your for allowing me to witness your true love, forgiveness, compassion, protection and unconditional help”.