Money Mini Spell Set For Wealth, Prosperity, Cash, Abundance & Financial Growth

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Introducing our new Money Mini Spell Set featuring a 4 oz Crystal Infused Money Drawing Soy Candle and a 1/2 oz bottle of Money Drawing Oil!  For those of you looking for financial security, prosperity, wealth, and even success in business; our Money Spell Set can help.  The blend of herbs resins, and essential oils in our Money Drawing Oil and Money Drawing Soy Candle are perfect to help you achieve all of your financial goals.  Use the candle and oil in rituals not only to help you come into more money, but for petitions to help alleviate debt, pay off loans, and to help you garner raises and promotions at work.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

You can choose to wear the oil, use it for anointing your checks, credit cards, loans, or business paperwork, or put a few drops in the heel of your shoe!  Here is a Money Drawing ritual for you to try, following the Wiccan Three-Fold Law, which states whatever energy a person puts out into the world, it is returned to them Three-Fold.

What you will need:

Money Drawing Mini Candle

Money Drawing Oil

3 Dimes

Orange or green piece of paper (no larger than 4" x 4")

A Pen

A Photo of Yourself

A Fire-safe Plate

The first step is to anoint the candle by putting a little Money Drawing Oil on your finger and rubbing it in a clockwise direction around the top of the candle. Get your orange piece of paper and write out exactly what you wish to attain. Dab each corner with a bit of Money Drawing Oil. Then, take your three dimes, put them in the palm of your hand and anoint each with a dab of oil in the center.  Anoint the picture of yourself with a dab of oil in each corner.  Place the orange paper on a table or your altar.  On top of the paper, place the picture of yourself and then lay the dimes on top of the picture.  Then, place the plate over the paper, picture and dimes, and place candle on top of the plate.  Light the candle and recite the following (or Psalm 23 if you would rather): 

With this fire I draw to me all that I desire

Blessed Be, Blessed Be  

Wealth, riches, abundance, prosperity

Blessed Be, Blessed Be

May all I manifest find its way to me; granting me safety and security

Blessed Be, Blessed Be

Allow the candle to burn out on its own.  Then, take one dime, bury it outside by your front door or in a healthy potted plant by your front door.  Take the second dime and carry it on you.  Take the third dime and a piece of the orange paper, wrap them in the picture of yourself and put it under your mattress right below where you sleep.

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