Life of Luxury Herbal Soap for Wealth, Riches, Money, & Business Growth

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Our Life of Luxury Soap was created for those who wish to manifest a truly abundant life. It’s particularly great for those seeking to manifest a luxurious lifestyle with a plenitude of material success. If you are a fan of European folklore than you will truly appreciate the ingredients in this blend. We have included some pretty fabulous herbs and oils such as vervain, sassafras, basil, acorn, pyrite and many others. It’s perfect to use before undertaking upir favorite money and/or prosperity spell, but it’s also quite effective for any type of ritual that focuses on new business ventures or opportunities. It’s can be used by those seeking a prosperous business, a job raise, a long sought promotion, financial abundance, material gain and the success of one’s goals and endeavors. Each bar is approximately 4 oz.