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Law Stay Away Oil

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Law Stay Away Oil is ideal for keeping the law off your back. Use it to ward off the police, arrest, lawsuits, legal issues; it can even help keep pesty authorities from butting into your personal business. It’s great when in need of protection and has even been known to reverse situations and/or negative events.  It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does Law Stay Away Oil do:

  • Keeps police, lawyers, and any other legal threats away.
  • Protects against legal intrusions or situations where you may get into trouble.
  • Can reverse potentially troublesome, illegal, or negative events or situations.
  • Prevents others from meddling or intruding in your life or personal business. 
  • Can help you win in court.


What are the ingredients in Law Stay Away Oil:

Law Stay Away Oil includes fennel, agrimony, elder, devil’s shoestring, bergamot, myrrh, calendula, and dill.


How to use Law Stay Away Oil:

There are numerous ways you can use Law Stay Away Oil. Dab some on your body, on important papers such as summons or lawsuits, put a few drops in the bath or in the heel of your shoe. You can also take some oil and wash down any door that leads in or out of your home. Put some on a roll of dimes and place it in your fireplace or you can simply anoint some on a dime and stick it in your pocket.


How to use Law Stay Away Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

If you would like to work some candle divination, get a brown candle and carve the name of the institution or person who seeks to get you in trouble. Then, carve your name directly over theirs. Anoint the candle with Law Stay Away Oil starting at the middle, and push the oil down the candle to the base. Put it in an appropriate candle holder and when you feel ready, light it and recite psalm 23.




Sold as a Curio. For External Use Only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Sea Cie Knight

Im trying to keep the law away from eviction me

Michelle Harris

Law Stay Away Oil

Law stay away

The law stay away oil and the others oil are so great and they work is like majick when you use them they really work this is my number one store.

Law Stay Away Oil

Haven’t used it yet. Smells good.

Mendi Eakle
Amazing company and product!!

Amazing customer service and amazing product. My go to for essential oils, bath salts and candles.