La Madama Oil for Divinition, Intuition, Prosperity & Protection

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For those of you who wish to develop your divination skills, increase your financial prosperity and create a peaceful environment, then our La Madama Oil may be the perfect blend for you. Known as a powerful aid in any type of fortunetelling undertaking, the spirit of La Madama can help bring about a number of advantageous outcomes. Her services are requested by those who make use of her powers to provide protection, increase one’s intuitive abilities and bring success and triumph into their lives.  

La Madama is a spirit of a black slave who was revered for her divination abilities and protective influence over the residence. La Madama originated from the the Lukumi and Santeria religions and is particularly revered in the Espiritismo communities. Much like the spirits of the North American region, La Madama is not limited to a single entity or spirit. Offerings to such ancestral spirits or spirit guides can bring peace and prosperity to your life. Made with a number of herbs and oils such as osha root, palo vencedor, Guinee hen, bitterwort and a number of others, Our La Madama Oil comes in a ½ bottle.

To establish a relationship with her, we recommend creating an altar to her. Statues and candles of her are commonly used but you can also use photographs or any type of sacred object that represents her spirit. Offerings to her include fresh orange or red flowers a cold glass of water and some tobacco. Cigars work well! Although you can also offer rum or whisky, vigil candles, tarot cards, a knife (to help her cut away your problems and negative relations) or a small broom, we recommend offering of a home cooked meal to her. Put some effort into this!  When the ritual is complete, leave her some Rosemary Beads as a token of your appreciation.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets.