House Blessing Incense

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The recipe for our House Blessing Incense Blend is one of our staff favorites! Not only are the herbs, oils and resins known to aid in blessing one's home, House Blessing Incense has a simply lovely scent to it with Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Rosemary. But there's more to the recipe than meets the eye. With Sandalwood, Black Snake Root, Chickweed, Lavender, Juniper, Jasmine and Rosemary, House Blessing Incense has all the necessary ingredients to bring warm and welcome blessings into your home. It's the absolute ideal blend for those who want to shift their home's current energy and it's also perfect to use whenever you find yourself moving to a new apartment, house, office or any other type of space where good energy is needed. House Blessing Incense has a little bit of everything in it. That's what makes it so good! It has protective qualities while at the same time has the ability to neutralize any negative energy. More Importantly, the herbs and oils in this blend do draw in good energy and blessings. Comes in a 1.25 oz glass vial.

PLEASE NOTE* Banishing Incense is not self-igniting. It is meant to be burnt over a charcoal disc.


House Blessing Incense can be used in a wide variety of ways. Burn a little in every corner of your home to help draw in new energy. Burn some by your front door to welcome in new fresh energy while encouraging old energy to leave. Burn some on your altar with a white candle. Place a little incense in a bowl of water with rose petals, marjoram and fresh orange peel. Steep some in some hot water and use it as a floor wash. You can even use this blend as a spiritual bath by placing some in a stocking or muslin bag and putting it in your bath water while you bathe. Burn some a smudge on anyone living in your residence. For that matter, you can do it in any location where you desire to draw blessings in. Burn some before falling asleep and use that time visualizing new blessings come to you and your home.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only.