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Hot Foot Powder is a powerful blend known to swiftly and harmlessly rid you of negative influences and people. If you have bothersome enemies, undesirable neighbors, negative or abusive people, irritating co-workers, or any other situation or spiritual force which is negatively affecting you, this powder can help. The main purpose of this powder is to provide a harmless way for users to rid themselves of negative people. Hot Foot Power comes packed inside a 3 x 4-inch pouch.

What does Hot Foot Powder do:

  • Banish negative people and situations fast!
  • Rid your life and immediate space of unwanted people or situations, without the risk of negative karma.
  • Cause abusive, irritating, offensive, and harmful individuals to leave and stop inflicting harm.


What are the ingredients in Hot Foot Powder:

Hot Foot Power contains cayenne pepper, sulfur, black pepper, and red pepper. All these caustic elements are combined with a cornstarch base.


How to use Hot Foot Powder: 

Sprinkle some in areas that your intended subject frequents, such as where they walk or stand. Naturally, you may also opt to put some on chairs or other objects they use often. As you do this, be sure to walk backward while stating your intentions. A few hoodoo practitioners suggest that you should do this in an odd number of steps. When you are finished, turn your back do NOT look back! A certain Hoodooist I am acquainted with recommends sprinkling the powder in a cross-shaped pattern instead of a straight line.


How to use Hot Foot Powder in a Spell or Ritual:

A powerful candle divination ritual begins with carving the name of the individual or situation you wish to eliminate into a black wax candle. Then, use Hot Foot Power to dress the candle by lightly brushing a little powder onto the candle. You can also write your intentions on a piece of parchment paper or brown paper bag and then anoint the center with Hot Foot Powder. Fold the paper away from you (with the crease closest to you). Place your candle on a fire-safe plate or candle holder and place this on top of your petition. Finally, light the candle and recite Psalm 35.




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Hot Foot

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Hot Foot Powder

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Hot Foot Powder For Banishing Negative People


Hot Foot Powder For Banishing Negative People