Holy Spirit Oil for Faith, Divine Intervention, Healing & Protection

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Our Holy Spirit Oil is truly a spiritual Oil. It is most commonly used for holy sacraments and faith based prayer in which one request some type of Divine intervention. It can be used for a variety of reasons such as healing, protection and consecration. Our Holy Spirit Oil contains all the ingredients found in the ancient biblical recipe such as Myrrh, Calamus, Cassia and Cinnamon. However, we decided to take our Holy Spirit Oil one step further by including other ancient Hebrew herbs and flowers such as Lily. We also added Mustard Seeds for added faith as well as The Rose of Jericho. We even added the loved Forget Me Not flower to ensure your prayer will not go unnoticed. Our Holy Spirit Oil has Floral and Spicy scent. It's perfect to use in any type of ritual where a sacred and holy energy is needed or is petitioned. It comes in a ½ oz bottle.


There are countless ways you can use Holy Spirit Oil. It can be worn or anointed on another. I recommend anointing a bit on the crown of the head. It can be placed into a bath or anointed on religious objects. Anoint some on a white candle to ask for intervention. Rub some on your front door for protection, or place some in a bowl of fresh water and leave it in the center of your home. Anoint some on your altar, divination tools or simply dab some on a picture of your favorite saint or angel.


When of my favorites ways to use Holy Spirit Oil is to begin with a glass jar. Make sure it has a metal top. Write down your wish or prayer on a piece of paper. You can add as many wishes or prayers as you want. This glass jar will serve as a type of “God Box”. Should you wish to create a true jar spell, pour in some Olive Oil and some Holy Spirit Oil. When you are ready, get a small white tea light or votive candle. Anoint it with Holy Spirit Oil. Place it on top of your closed jar and light it. Say a Prayer or read Psalm 23. Then, and most importantly, have faith.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only.